Taking care of your smile

Ever since my first filling at 11-years-old, I have had a real thing about teeth. I absolutely hated the whole experience of having a filling and it really made me conscious about how important taking care of your smile and your teeth really is. This is something I am trying to instil in my own children too as I want them to have a good experience with the dentists and know how to keep their smiles at their best (although {Read More}

Reverse Mortgages Versus HECMs: Is There a Difference?

*Collaborative Post* When you retire, whole new worlds open up to you. One of those worlds is the world of home mortgages. As long as you are a home-owning adult, you can get a standard home mortgage, but you have to be an adult to get a proprietary reverse mortgage or an HECM. If you are interested in one or the other, it is important to understand how they work and what the differences are between them. The Basics of {Read More}

How Kaplan GRE Prep Can Help Mom’s Pursuing a Graduate Degree

*Editorial Post* Pursuing a graduate degree can significantly improve a person’s life. Moms, for example, will have greater earning power, and better chances of advancing in their careers if they have a graduate degree. A master’s or doctoral degree is an effective platform for moms to enhance their education and expand their employment opportunities, which, in time, can also impact the lives of their families. If you’re planning to earn a graduate degree soon, prepare for the GRE or Graduate {Read More}

Maintaining Your Friendship With Your Best (And Childless) Friend

*Collaborative Post*Pexels – CC0 Licence Being a parent is tough. You feel angry on occasion, but when you talk about your children to others, they are your perfect little angels. But what about when you speak to others who don’t have children? You might be the first of your friends to have children, but when you are hanging out with your friends, you’ll have a baby hanging off you, and you may start to feel that you are different, especially {Read More}

5 home security tips to give you peace of mind

*Collaborative Post* Is there anything more frustrating than heading up to bed and suddenly wondering if you remembered to lock the front door? The idea of someone gaining access to your property and scouring through your possessions is both terrifying and heartbreaking. So, it’s no wonder that many of us worry about keeping our homes secure and our children safe. Well, now that winter is here and the nights are longer, it’s time to consider upgrading your home security to {Read More}

Looking for a healthy way to use diet meals?

Disclaimer: I was sent a weeks’ worth of Dietbon ready meals to review. I’ve never been someone who does any sort of crash diet or stops eating certain foods (mainly because I have literally no will power!) but also because it isn’t really the healthiest of mind-sets to get into either. So I decided to give Dietbon diet meals a go. So you may be wondering why I agreed to review Dietbon? Well, because I actually don’t have the best eating {Read More}

3 Artistic Things You Can Do To Unlock Some Creativity

*Collaborative Post* Our brains have the capacity for all kinds of things. We’ve evolved so much over the years that the brain holds billions of tiny pieces of data. We’re not as basic as you might initially think – you have the power to do more than what you’re doing right now!  Creativity is a huge part of a human’s mind. We need to in order to solve problems and to come up with new ideas. These ideas could be {Read More}

Find childcare provision easily with Childcare.co.uk

  Have you ever been let down last minute by a babysitter or needed to source childcare longer term? It can be so stressful if you have. But Childcare.co.uk have taken all the stress out of the situation for you and have over 2 million members who put their trust in them to find reliable childcare for their children. I remember just a couple of years ago when my son was being looked after by a childminder (the same one {Read More}

Long Journey? How You Can Keep The Kids Entertained

*collaborative post* The long car journey can quite easily turn into a nightmare if you haven’t prepared properly. And that’s without the kids in the back seats. If you are taking children away on a long journey it pays to not only be prepared, but to ensure you have plans to keep them entertained. For the sake of your own health, think about how you can make it better for everyone. Granted, every child is different and it may take {Read More}

Top Tips for Better Heart Health

Your heart is something most people take for granted. It beats without us having to think about it and keeps us moving. It’s a muscle that pumps our blood around our body day in day out. But have you ever thought about ways you can keep your heart healthy? Here are my 4 top tips for better heart health. Be Smoke Free This is probably the single best thing you can do to promote a healthy heart. Smoking damages the {Read More}