3 Artistic Things You Can Do To Unlock Some Creativity

*Collaborative Post*

Our brains have the capacity for all kinds of things. We’ve evolved so much over the years that the brain holds billions of tiny pieces of data. We’re not as basic as you might initially think – you have the power to do more than what you’re doing right now! 

Creativity is a huge part of a human’s mind. We need to in order to solve problems and to come up with new ideas. These ideas could be small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, or they could be ones that change the world as we see it. So it’s a pretty important skill to build on. Creativity is often seen as something that you’re born with – if you’re not creative; you never will be. That’s not the case at all. With most abilities in life, it can be worked on. You traditionally work on your creativity by doing different tasks. Here are a few that can unlock such an imaginative and innovate mind:     

Write Stuff

This doesn’t seem like a project that everyone can do at first, but it actually is. Writers are often those with huge vocabularies, and the ability to conjure up stories that have never been fathomed before. It’s true, but this kind of ability to think up stories and remember large words came from years of practice. Nobody can just think up something out of the blue – they need to have inspiration from past experiences or from things that taught them. 

If you feel as though you’d like to improve your ability to think on the spot, or your ability to create fantasies in your head, then creative writing would help a lot. You’ll be pretty dull, boring and ineffective, to begin with, but you’ll improve if you keep at it   

Learn A Music Instrument

Music is an amazing aspect of life. It has the power to make us feel completely different from before. Just one melody can make our day better. Playing music adds an extra dimension to the prestige of it, however. Learning an instrument improves your aptitude in terms of hand-eye coordination and problem-solving, but it, again, boosts your creative side. Whether you use trial and error, or whether you use the musical theory, you’ll be looking to find new melodies and riffs whenever you attempt to write your own piece(s). Approaching songs from different angles requires a creative mind – it’s something you can only do when you have that imaginative brain.

Draw Or Paint

You’ve drawn stuff and painted stuff before – when you were a young kid, right? Well, going back into that kind of world wouldn’t be too bad – it’s actually a very relaxing pastime. When someone draws onto a canvas, they’re showing what’s happening in their brain – it’s not just about their ability with their hands. You could even go one further and try something like screen printing. Sites like Screenstretch offer the supplies you’ll need for something like that. You never know, you could find an entirely new passion after simply picking up a pen or pencil!

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