3 Failsafe Ways to Keep A Tidy House When You Have Children

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As mums, our busy lives can mean that we have little time for staying on top of household chores.

Thanks to their high energy levels, our children often end up undoing any tidying that we do manage to fit in within the blink of an eye.

However, because of its potential to improve our health and wellbeing, making time to minimise mess can be hugely important – especially for parents.

Luckily, there are simple ways to keep our homes in check amidst the chaos of having kids. Heed our advice and discover effective solutions for preventing clutter.

Start with the Simplest Solution

When it comes to tidying, why not start as you mean to go on? To do this, begin with the first place of entry in the house. Whether it’s the kitchen or the porch, furnishing this area with a shoe rack could provide an immediate answer to freeing up space.

And thanks to brands like Cox & Cox, you can find the perfect fit for your chosen interior décor theme – whether it be rustic, contemporary or Scandinavian. So, you don’t have to sacrifice your design preferences to achieve a smarter-looking property.

From the moment they walk in, you can create a tidier living space for your family and guests with style, affordability and ease. Introducing shoe storage facilities into the home could even increase the kids’ understanding about the value of keeping tidy.

Prioritise Storage

To free up space, it is useful to remember that storage is key. Whichever room you’re wanting to make more spacious, the right cupboard, sideboard or wardrobe could save huge amounts of time and hassle. And when it comes to units for kids, there is plenty of scope for creativity.

Locating items with a big holding capacity, for example, means that more products close to the kids’ hearts – like doll houses, train sets and plush toys – can remain in the house, rather than having to be given away.

Finding the right storage solution, therefore, means that you won’t have to face upset when the kids want to use their favourite plaything only to discover that it is no longer there.

Identify Quick and Easy Methods

As parents, we very rarely have the time to carry out a full tidy of our homes, which would mean setting aside a whole weekend for cleaning. Sometimes, however, all you need are quick and effective methods that work for the whole family.

Why not sit down with the kids to explore the easiest ways to monitor tidiness, and then decide which ideas and techniques to adopt? Once you’ve identified ways for the kids to join in, you could even work together to produce a colourful chore chart or poster to enhance the appeal of tidying for the younger members of the household. Keeping your property neat whilst having children has never been easier – or more fun.

Contrary to popular opinion, maintaining an organised home whilst raising children is achievable. With the right understanding, you, your partner and your children can create a living space that is comfortable for the whole family.

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