5 home security tips to give you peace of mind

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Is there anything more frustrating than heading up to bed and suddenly wondering if you remembered to lock the front door? The idea of someone gaining access to your property and scouring through your possessions is both terrifying and heartbreaking. So, it’s no wonder that many of us worry about keeping our homes secure and our children safe. Well, now that winter is here and the nights are longer, it’s time to consider upgrading your home security to ensure you, your family and your home is protected.

Not sure where to start? Check out these 5 home security tips to give you peace of mind.

Outdoor lighting

In the darker months of the year, outdoor lighting is your friend! Outdoor security lights will illuminate the exterior of your property, keep your driveway and garage well lit and your garden too. Making it incredibly difficult for anyone to move around your property unnoticed. This will ultimately give you peace of mind, and when you return home from work or a gloomy school run, you’ll probably feel a lot safer as you approach your well-lit house.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

We live in a tech filled world, where things like tablets, smart TVs, phones and games consoles are a part of our every day lives. But just because high tech gadgets are the norm, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect them. It’s advisable to keep anything of value out of sight. An opportunistic burglar who spots your child’s tablet on the dining room table as they walk past the window could be all it takes to encourage a burglary. When items are not in use, make sure they’re tucked away in cupboards or drawers, or simply out of view from windows.

No fishing!

Hanging your keys up by the front door makes perfect sense; you can simply grab them as you leave. However, it’s advisable to keep keys in drawers or somewhere well out of reach. So potential thieves cannot “fish” for your keys through your letterbox or even pet flaps and let themselves in or drive away in the family car.

Be wary on social media

Checking your privacy settings on Facebook is always recommended, as having a public profile is a poor decision. When you broadcast about your latest purchase or even let everyone know the good news that you’re heading off on holiday, its like advertising to potential thieves. Even if your profile is private, you should still exercise caution on your posts. How well do you really know all 300 of those “friends”?

Keep up with garden maintenance

Ensuring that the trees, bushes and hedges around your property are well maintained and trimmed back is a great deterrent. You’ll have a clear view and there will be nowhere for thieves to hide. In addition, keeping branches and bushes cut back means that they won’t be able to gain access to higher windows by climbing! It’s also a good idea to keep items such as ladders and other gardening equipment locked away when not in use.

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