Aquafresh Brush time App: Review

I’m not sure that I’ve met any child who actually likes brushing their teeth or who brushed their teeth for the required length of time (2 minutes) every day, let alone twice a day, as recommended by dentists.

This is where Aquafresh have come in; they have designed an all singing, all dancing (and I mean this quite literally) Aquafresh brush time app that allows your child to choose a character, background and even song to listen to for the 2 minutes they require to brush their teeth. Captain Aquafresh and Nurdles, the toothpaste, dance to their brush time song and explain how you should be brushing your teeth. The more times they use the brush time app, the more content they will unlock and the more fun they can have. What I think is great is that the app tells you how many more times you need to brush before the next song, dance or scenery is unlocked; this gives the children something to work towards.

I also like the fact that you can customise  the Aquafresh brush time app and that children can enjoy their own song choices too as I feel this would appeal to slightly older children more than the brush time song alone. There are several songs that the children can choose from already on the app that don’t need unlocking including: The Brush Time Song, All Good Things and Look at Me.

Isabella likes The Brush Time song the most and tries to copy the dance moves too. It certainly helps her to brush her teeth for 2 minutes and she knows that she needs to keep going until the song stops which is great. She still needs some help to ensure her teeth are really clean though so I tend to let her do the first minute and I’ll do the final minute. This compromise works relatively well and she ends up with clean teeth and (usually) a smiley face. Of course we still have times when she doesn’t want to brush her teeth regardless of using the app or not but for the most part, the app is engaging and very useful for younger brushers.

Isabella isn’t hugely happy that there isn’t a ‘supergirl’ character to choose from as she doesn’t want to ‘be Captain Aquafresh’. She chooses to be Billy Nurdles. I think this is one element that is lacking from the app and there should be a choice right at the start for both male and female characters. As even though you can choose from Captain Aquafresh and Nurdles, you still have to wait until you have brushed 14 times to unlock Lilly Nurdles which is a real shame for little girls who want to be a girl in the app.img_5711.jpg

Overall I think the app is great – it helps make brushing teeth easier and less stressful in the mornings and even makes Isabella smile by doing the ‘silly dance’. It’s a fun companion to help children understand the importance of brushing their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes.

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I was asked to provide feedback with regards to the app by the manufacturers of Aquafresh®

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