Getting Ready To Potty Train

So I’ve read a couple of books and articles about when I should start potty training and for some experts, Isabella should have been potty trained by now but if I’m totally honest, she just isn’t ready. I think she’s starting to think about it but I really am not going to push her into doing something she isn’t comfortable with, especially as we are expecting number two and I’ve heard how toddlers can sometimes go backwards when big changes happen.

That said, I am starting to prepare her for potty training as I think building up to it will benefit her in the long run. She has a few big changes coming up and I don’t want Isabella to feel like we have just sprung things on her. She will be starting pre-school in April, therefore meaning she will no longer be going to the child-minder on a Tuesday and Wednesday and will also be getting a little brother or sister in the same month so we have started taking about all the changes that are going to happen and how positive it all is.

I am hoping that we will be able to give a real push and try actively to potty train just before her third birthday (end of August) as by then, her bladder control should be well developed and we can let her ‘run free’ in the garden over the warmer months without worrying if she has an accident.

The things we have started to do:


We have a couple of potties and toilet trainer seats from Baby Bjorn (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) and we’ve been reading an amazing book called ‘Princess Polly’s Potty’. This has been a great book for introducing the idea of potty training and Isabella has really taken an interest in big girl pants so I know the idea is slowly sinking in but over the next few weeks I’m going to try and introduce sitting on the potty as part of her routine. Even if it’s only first thing in the morning and just before bath time,  I think this will help her realise there is nothing to worry about.

We have a reward chart ready to go as you never know when it’s going to happen; she may decide one day that she just wants to start using the potty and I want to be prepared. We have even bought special Frozen stickers (on her request) and they are stuck to the fridge waiting to be used. Occasionally we will remind her about her stickers and she tells us what she will get them for.

I am starting to think that she will want to start using the potty when she starts pre-school and sees on a regular basis her friends using the toilet/potty so I’m not worried about it at all, I just want to be as prepared as I can be. I think in a selfish way, I’m holding on to the fact she is still in nappies for the comfort of knowing I won’t have to worry about causing her to have an accident if I’m feeding/changing the new baby.

How did you get on with potty training your little ones? Do you have any good tips or advice?



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