Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to “Big School”

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Nursery is great for a child’s social and academic development, and it prepares them somewhat for “big school”. However, the transition can still feel quite intimidating to both the child and their parents, as it’s a huge milestone that will bring various changes. With that in mind, it’s important for parents to try and help their child feel more comfortable about the move to their new school, using the following tips from a nursery in North London.

Make time to chat to your child to find out how they’re feeling. Talk to them about the similarities and differences between nursery and school, but be sure to use positive, uplifting terminology so that they can start to feel a sense of excitement. For instance, you can remind them that there will be lots more children that they can make friends with and various clubs they can join. Essentially, you want to reiterate that school will be fun and nothing to worry about.

If your child does have some concerns, try and put their mind at ease as best you can. Visit the school a few times if you can, even if you just look at it from the outside, so that your child starts to become more familiar with the area and the route. There might even be sessions provided by your child that help them settle in before the start of term. You should also practise your morning routine so that it doesn’t come as a shock to your child on their first day. Practising will also help them feel more in control.

You might also want to focus on equipping your child with some of the skills they’ll need in reception, to boost their confidence. Do some reading and writing together at home, as well as other learning activities, and also help them with things like feeding themselves and tying their shoelaces if they have them.

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