Hints and Tips

So we may have only been mummies for a few weeks, but it’s surprising what you find out when trying to settle your little one. Here are just a few hints and tips for issues that we have faced so far…

In the beginning –

Some of our babies wouldn’t sleep in their moses basket and cried within minutes of being put down (even if they were fast asleep at the time). Some of the things we tried that worked were:
• Rolling up soft towels or blankets and placing them either side of the baby when in the basket so they felt secure
• Warming the moses basket by placing a hot water bottle in it before putting baby down (REMEMBER TO TAKE IT OUT BEFORE YOU PUT THE BABY IN THE BASKET)
• Placing a fleece blanket over the mattress of the moses basket so it’s soft and warm
• If the moses basket was on a rocking stand, taking it off and placing it on the floor
• Soothing nightlight and melodies being played while we stand in the room while baby soothes themselves to sleep

Most of our lovely babies decided to cry a lot for no apparent reason at the start. We couldn’t work out what was wrong and it felt like it was never going to end. Some of us think our baby had colic or reflux and some just think it was baby getting used to the world. Either way, some of the things that we tried were:
• Good old Infacol – If you think your baby has trapped wind or trouble bringing wind up, give this a go. It doesn’t get absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream, it just coats the lining of their tummy to help group all the air bubbled together.
• Sitting baby on our knee and moving them in a circular motion to see if they have trapped wind.
• Taking them for a walk in the fresh air (sometimes this was for our own sanity)
• Using a baby sling/carrier so baby feels close to you and settles
• Using a dummy/soother (I know some of you won’t do this but I found it really helped)
• Turning on the hoover or hairdryer (a few of us found that the white noise this created helped our baby to soothe themselves to sleep

If your baby isn’t feeding properly or isn’t gaining weight, have you checked for tough tie? One baby from our group had a tongue tie that wasn’t picked up by health visitors or the midwife. Once the tie had been snipped, feeding improved and the baby gained weight.

Quite a few of our little ones suffered from constipation, trapped bottom wind or they just couldn’t work out how to poo. Sometimes, when babies are really small, they actually clench their bottom together instead of pushing as they can’t work out the sensation. Going to the toilet or trying to pass wind can be a real trauma for them and you as you feel like there is nothing you can do to help. Well some of the things we tried for trapped wind were:
• Bicycle legs – with baby lying down, move their legs in a circular motion a few times and then gently push both legs up towards their tummy and hold for a few seconds
• Tummy time – sometimes as the baby tries to hold their head up, they will strain and push the wind out
• Rubbing their tummy – gently rub their tummy in a circular motion (clockwise) and this should help move the trapped air. If you can get on a baby massage course, they will go through more in-depth massages you can give
• A small amount of orange or apple juice (ALWAYS speak to your doctor first)
• Bottom massage – gently massaging baby’s bottom to help relax them
• Gently rubbing a warm flannel over baby’s anus
• A warm, wet cotton bud inserted into anus (ALWAYS speak to your doctor first)

Now we think the babies are starting to teeth…Just as things start to settle down and the babies seem to be in a bit of a routine, they start teething and we feel like we are taking one step forward, three big steps back. So some of the things that might help:
• A teething gel with a mild local anaesthetic – if your baby is under 4 months, you should seek advice from your GP
• Teething rings or teething soothers (some of which can be cooled in the fridge first) this can help soothe and cool the pain
• Chewing – your baby might be chewing their fingers, fists, toys or anything they can get their hands on. You could give them a raw carrot stick or slice of apple to check on or even some crusty bread
• Painkillers – as a last resort, you can give your baby something like Calpol to help ease the pain

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