How to De-Clutter Your Home Over the Christmas Period

The festive season is nearly upon us. For many, it brings many challenges, one being the clutter and ‘stuff’ that accumulates in our home.

It is inevitable. Every year, the kids seem to get more and more. And then, guests call round and bring even more ‘stuff’, from presents they don’t want but think ‘you can make use of’, to more food, more drink…

It is, of course, what Christmas is made of: a slightly chaotic time in which rules and time are relaxed.

But when your living space feels full to bursting, it can add to the stress that also comes with guests in your home and the festive season in general.

De-cluttering may not be top of your list but it can be the tool you need to keep your stress levels under control, as well as a tidy home that is not sinking under ‘stuff’.

#1 Get Prepared

We know what Christmas brings and so being prepared is key. It may feel like ‘yet another job’ to ask to your already long list of must-do, high-priority festive tasks but this one is worth bumping up the list…

  • Rattan storage boxes – affordable but with more style that plastic boxes with clip lids, these make great additions to any room. Not only can you hide stuff in them, they double as impromptu coffee tables too. From temporary extra storage in the living room to a haven of toys in the kids’ bedrooms, rattan storage boxes are investments that will last a long, long time.
  • Prep the recycling boxes – often, the biggest mound of clutter, is the wrapping paper, bows and ribbon that come with the gifts. Beautifully wrapped they may be, a heap of paper across the living room is likely to have you living on a knife-edge. Prep your recycling boxes, even if it means having a coup of plastic of cardboard boxes ready to accept the wrapping paper and other materials that can be recycled as presents are opened. When it’s all done and dusted, recycle it in the boxes and receptacles outside as soon as possible.

#2 Streamline the Toy Box BEFORE Christmas

Depending on the age of your children, you can more or less predict what will be in their stockings this year… more toys.

But rather than just letting the toys pile up, make November the month for streamlining the toy box. This is something you can do with your children, talking to them about recycling as well as donating toys so that others can enjoy them too.

There may also be some toys that you know they will want but with so much choice in front of them, hiding a few things away in the loft to bring out in a few months’ time is not a bad idea either.

#3 The Kitchen De-Clutter

Whether you cook a turkey dinner for one or two people or have the whole family around, the kitchen will be under pressure.

You may bring out pots, pans and serving dishes that you haven’t seen since last Christmas and this means that the normally well-organised kitchen becomes a den of chaos.

Whilst you are still stress-free in the run-up Christmas, streamline and de-clutter your kitchen cupboards;

  • Out with the summer stuff… – by October, the days of al fresco dining and BBQing are done so why not pack some of the summer ceramics and plastic into a hardwearing plastic box with lid, and store somewhere else?
  • In with the winter stuff… – soup bowls, pasta bowls, the slow cooker, there are some things we use more over winter than we do in summer. Bring these forward from the back of the cupboard.
  • Festive ceramics – admit it, you love mugs and plates with festive-like patterns and colours! As you bring these into the kitchen for the festive season, store away the other things, ready to bring back out in January.

#4 De-clutter as you tidy away too!

As we attempt to de-tangle the lights or glue the wings back on the Christmas fairy, we promise ourselves that this year, we will put the Christmas decorations away properly… but never do.

The problem is usually adequate storage and so this year, make the effort to get what you need to be able to store Christmas decorations away quickly, easily and in good condition for next year.

Look out for;

  • Cable reels to wrap lights around to stop tangles and damage to wires
  • Specialist storage solutions such as boxes with bauble-sized dividers are perfect, especially for keeping decorations with sentimental value safe and damage-free from one Christmas to another
  • Labels for boxes too so you save time next Christmas trying to locate certain boxes
  • Streamline decorations as you put them away, donating or recycling them.

Christmas should be about family and friends, and not stressing because your house is so untidy you can’t find anything! How do you de-clutter at Christmas?

De-cluttering the home is as much about storage solutions as it is about recycling, something that Rattan Direct know all about. With so many high-quality rattan products available, they will have a solution for helping you keep on top of clutter at Christmas.

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