How to get your child interested in nature

Fun, exciting and educational — just some of the ways to describe the benefits of getting your family out and about in nature. But how can you get them engaged in the wonders of the natural world?

Your local community, school or nursery like Kiddi Caru, may be taking the initiative to encourage your child to explore the outdoors and nature, and so why not try to do the same! Take inspiration from their activities and extend them to your own back garden. Your little one will love sharing with you what they’ve learnt at nursery and applying that knowledge at home. They will also have plenty to talk about when they go back into school or nursery, about what they’ve got up to in the great outdoors.

If you’re thinking about where to start when comes to getting your child interested in nature, here are some of our top outdoor activity recommendations.

Scavenger hunts: Bugs, birds and blossoms

When venturing outdoors, its great to give your kids a purpose, so they can get the best out of the experience. Creating a scavenger or treasure hunt is a great way to do this. This can be in the form of a simple list of the different sights and sounds for your child to look out for, like something in a certain colour or shape, or the sound of birdsong.

If you like, you could even make a nature Bingo game, incorporating pictures of specific birds, bugs, trees or flowers that your child can mark off when they see them in your local area. And if you’re struggling to get your older ones off of their electronic devices, encourage them to bring their mobiles along with them, and make videos or take photos of what they find. It’s a great way to combine their tech with the world around them. Nature provides plenty of opportunities for interesting photoshoots, and they can always make a crafty scrapbook of all the photos in future.

These nature hunts will get your little one engaged in their surroundings, and identifying the wildlife and fauna that they can find. The possibilities are truly endless in how you get them searching for these items, and so is the length of the time the activity can take, meaning you and your family can make the most of being outside.

Grow their own garden

There is lots of fun to be had for all the family, right in your own backyard. Get the kids involved with planting their own section of the garden including plants and flowers of their choice. The process of watching something grow is sure to get them engaged with the outdoors, and they can pride themselves in successfully tending to their own garden.

Why not get your little one their own set of gardening tools and decorations to make their garden look how they want? Depending on the age of your child, the miniature tools and the act of planting will also help them to develop their fine motor skills.

Go fruit or vegetable picking

If you’re looking for something further afield, then a ‘pick your own’ farm may be for you! Based on the season of the produce, you could take your family berry picking or pumpkin picking. It’s not only fun to venture into the vast fields of fruit or veg, and letting your little one decide which things they want to pick, it’s also a great way to educate them about where our food comes from, and what makes up a healthy diet. And there’s nothing more satisfying then coming home and eating the food that you’ve collected yourself, after a wonderful day of being amongst nature.

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