How to Improve Your Recycling Habits in 2019

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How has your year begun? Did you spend the first half of January trying to work out what to do with all the unwanted wrapping paper? Are you still trying to stuff everything into your green bin and hoping for the best?

If you feel like you’re more aware of how you manage your post-Christmas recycling than before, it may be thanks in part to Sir David Attenborough, who used last year’s return of Blue Planet to comment on the state our oceans are in.

Should you be trying to reduce waste around the home and looking for ways to improve your recycling habits, here are some ideas to help make 2019 a more environmentally aware year.

Plan Ahead

To reduce the amount of waste around the house, it’s worth getting organised as much as possible. Make a note of the day your green recycling bin is emptied and create a storage system for the waste that you’re recycling. For example, you could set aside a crate and pop all of your used plastic milk bottles in there or old newspapers.

Also, take some time to research what your council recycles. For a while, you may have been putting items into the green bin that aren’t suitable. Have a look at what’s accepted and rethink how you separate your rubbish.

Perfect Your Packaging

From Christmas and birthdays to new outfits and the weekly food shop, many of us are shopping online now. While technology has made buying what we want as easy as proceeding straight to the checkout, the packaging that comes with our purchases is adding to the amount of waste.

If you’re receiving things in the post, see if you can repurpose the boxes and bags your items arrive in. Similarly, if you have sold something through eBay or you’re posting a present, consider the packaging carefully. Pack the item into a box that suits its size and, if necessary, use scrunched up paper or recycle other types of packaging to protect it.

Head to a Recycling Point

To clear some space and keep on top of waste management around the home, head to your nearest recycling point. Check ahead to see what type of recycling is accepted and spend some time organising glass bottles, plastic carrier bags and even batteries into piles so you can easily put everything in the right container. You can even make it fun for the kids, too by giving them a material to be in charge of, for example, you can ask one to be in charge of clear pasta jars and another to take charge of the batteries.

How do you recycle around the home? Are you making plans to recycle more this year?


  1. Thanks for the article, i’ve heard recycling in the UK is a disaster, so we need more awareness.
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