How to Raise a Science Lover

*Collaborative Post*

Science is an important school subject and one that can lead to a range of excellent career opportunities for your child once they have graduated. With that said, you may be wondering how you can help your child find an interest in science from a young age so that they have more of a head-start in lessons. I have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to offer you some advice.

Talk About Science

Science is all around us and it’s worth talking about it with your child so that they understand how important and interesting it is. If they fall and cut their knee, talk to them about how the cells in their body will be working hard to heal the wound. When you’re out for a drive, chat about what makes the engine work and why you have to apply the handbrake, especially when parking on a hill. Get them a microscope so they can take a deeper look into the world around them. Talking to your child about biology, chemistry and physics in different contexts will help your child become familiar with these concepts.

Explore Nature

Whether you’re playing in the garden or taking a walk through the woods, nature provides many opportunities to explore science. Ask your child if they know what happens to the leaves on the trees as the seasons change. Buy some binoculars and encourage them to watch for birds. You could even plant some seeds in the garden and teach your child about photosynthesis.

Water Play

For younger children, bath time is another great opportunity to learn about science. Experiment with different materials in the bath to teach your child about sinking, floating and absorption. A paddling pool will work in the same way! Even water tables in the garden are fab!

Prepare a Science Kit

Find a sturdy container and have fun gathering various items your child can use in their science kit. This could include things like a magnifying glass, a thermometer, magnets, safety goggles, and measuring tape etc. Talk about what each item is used for and get it out to play with from time to time.



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