How to setup a Global Ecommerce Business in 5 Steps

There has never been a better time to set-up an ecommerce store. The growth in online trading has seen online stores rise up to become a real force in the retail industry, driven partly by the decline in the highstreet and also by the mass adoption of mobile technology. 

Setting up an ecommerce store is undoubtedly a daunting and complex procedure but there are a series of steps which can help to simplify the process. Here then are our five steps to help you build a successful global ecommerce business.

1. Do your research and plan 

The key to success is to carry out thorough market research and careful planning before rushing into any business. You do not necessarily have to complete a lengthy and formal business plan but it is necessary to take time to ensure you have fully examined all aspects of the business. You should consider exactly what you will be selling, who your customers will be, what your brand identity is and what costs are involved. So, firstly what are you going to sell? There are lots of useful tools you can use to find products which are popular already and to identify current trends, such as the Amazon Bestseller list, Google Trends, and by looking at Instagram influencers. The key is to find products at the right time, when popularity is rising.

 2. Find your domain name

Your company will need a name, and an ecommerce business will need a domain name, which is what will identify your website on the internet. You will want to ensure you are able to obtain a domain name that represents your business. Choose a name that is original as you don’t want to be confused with other companies, ideally one that is short and catchy. A name that is easy to remember is one way to ensure customers do not forget you. There are many domain registrars and web hosting companies which allow you to browse, search and purchase domain names. 

3. Choose your platform 

The platform you choose is a vital element of your ecommerce website. Again, this requires some thought as you don’t want to start with one solution only to move to another selling platform at a later time. You will need to consider the specific requirements of your business and whether the platform can cater to these particular needs. The top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify can provide your business with the shopping features that a successful international ecommerce business will need, including a range of payment options, shopping carts, security and performance management. Many of these features are offered as part of the main platform although some may be available as add on options which can be integrated into the solution. 

4. Prepare for launch 

Once you have your domain name and website under control, you are almost ready to go, but before you launch, make sure you are 100% ready. Of course, businesses always encounter teething problems and there are bound to be issues that only arise as you start trading but first impressions really do count so it is wise to invest time and effort in making sure everything on the site is perfect and functioning as it should be. Check that you have all relevant and appropriate content, you don’t want your online store to appear empty. Ensure that content is free of errors and double-check that all site links work. 

5. Organise your marketing

 Getting customers to visit your ecommerce store may be a slow process to start but with the right marketing methods, you should be able to promote your site and drive traffic to your site. There are a few online approaches to marketing which can be really powerful. With 2 billion people on social media worldwide, social media marketing can be a highly effective approach to online marketing. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are gaining in popularity every day and offer a way of showcasing your products. Both Instagram and Pinterest are image-driven and therefore provide an ideal opportunity for you to present customers with images of your products, ideally explaining how the products work and the benefits that they offer. Social media influencers, who have engaged, targeted followers, can be incredibly powerful in getting products known.


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