Keeping Your Heating System Running Efficiently

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Now that the warm weather is here, we no longer need our heating on. But, that does not mean that we have completely forgotten about this important system. Far from it, the summer is the perfect time to sort out any issues and get your system ready for the autumn.

Top up your heating oil

If you run your system using heating oil, now is a good time to get hold of someone like Super Saver Oil and find out about filling your tank. There are several reasons for doing that, at this time of the year.

The first is that because they are not so busy, you can sometimes secure yourself a bit of a discount. This is particularly the case if you can club together with other homeowners to have your oil delivered on the same day.

Firms like to maximise their driver’s working day and save on derv. As a result, many of them do their best to encourage this way of ordering by offering discounts.

Another reason to fill up on heating oil during the summer

A partially empty tank of heating oil is more prone to condensation than a full one is. When it is hot enough, moisture forms on the sides of the tank and slides down them. Because water is heavier than oil it falls to the bottom and accumulates under the oil. Over time, it can build up to a point where when you turn your boiler on it sucks up the water. When that happens the repair bill can be significant. So, it is good practice to keep your heating oil tank full, especially now that the summers are getting hotter.

Have your boiler serviced

To work efficiently your boiler needs to be in good condition. That means that it has to be serviced once a year, at least. You may think you are saving money by skipping the odd service. In reality, the opposite is usually true, especially when your poorly maintained boiler ends up breaking down. When we moved into this house we had to install a new boiler. It was well worth doing, but it was not cheap. So, you want to do your best to keep your existing boiler going.

Plus, of course, an un-serviced boiler can be dangerous. If it goes bang and causes damage there is a chance that your home insurer will not cover the full cost of any repairs. To be covered you have to demonstrate that you have been diligent and done your part to keep your family safe. Some firms will argue that not servicing your boiler means you have broken the terms of the policy.

Bleed your heating system

Once a year, bleed your radiators or underfloor heating system. You will be surprised by what a difference this makes. It is easy to find out how to do this by going online.

Get any upgrades done now

If you do need a new boiler or want to install an additional radiator, now is the time to get it done. During the summer months, it is a lot easier to find a tradesperson to do the work and far more convenient for the family.




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