Keeping your home running smoothly

Having been living in our home for a little over 5 years now and with four people living in the house, things can get a little clogged from time to time. With all four of us having spent the past year all bundled up together 24 hours a day, the house seems to have taken a little more of a beating then usual and the most used room seems to be the kitchen. It goes through a lot of daily wear and tear and sometimes things just don’t flow very well and you may find yourself asking how to unblock a sink.

So, what do you do when the kitchen sink blocks, the water drains so slowly and you end up with a stench that just doesn’t seem to ? Well, you could call a plumber and get them to look at if for you but this can be rather costly and with everything going on at the moment, you might not want other people in your home unless you absolutely have to. So you could try some simple, cheaper steps first.

But what causes kitchen sink blockages?

We found, even after having an extension and new kitchen fitted, that the sink is prone to blockages once in a while. We know the pipe work was brand new and free flowing so what was causing the slow-moving water? We think it’s mainly down to the children not clearing plates and bowls before putting them in the sink as well as food sloshing into the sink when you go to drain it. All these little bits of food remains and grease add up and can cause a real stink as well as leaving the water to drain slower than getting a child to put on their school shoes.

But HG offer some really simple home hints and tips for how to unblock a sink and they also offer a clear and easy solution with their developed HG kitchen unblocker which is specifically designed to unclog your kitchen sink.

Drains, drains, drains

But it isn’t just the kitchen sink that can suffer when you are all at home. Your drains are put under a lot of pressure from daily use. As well as the daily food remains that can slip through your kitchen sink, you need to consider all the other daily elements that can cause blockages from the bathroom too.

Cleaning the hair and soap remains out of the bathplug is just one of the ways you can help prevent a huge build up in your drains. Doing this after every hair wash can really help keep your drains clear and flushing the soap away with hot water regularly is also going to benefit. But what you really need to think about too is what you are flushing down your loo. How many times have you absentmindedly disposed of a cotton pad, make up wipe or tampon down the toilet? These items can all build up and cause real issues in your drains. They should all be disposed of in a bin instead of the toilet. Keeping a small bin in each bathroom which is emptied daily (or as and when it is needed) will help keep blockages at bay.

But what happened if your drain does become blocked? HG have various suggestions for how to unblock a drain from cola or soda to a plumber’s snake. They also have various products on the market for an array of different blockages depending on your needs.

Prevention is better than cure

Have you ever heard the saying that prevention is better than cure? Well, that goes for your home as well. By keeping your sinks and toilets free from hair, food, grease and non-flushable products, you will help to ensure your home runs smoothly and you are also doing your bit for the environment too. Here are some other handy hints and tips to keep your home in tip top condition and sail through any home improvements you might be considering.


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