KidSmart App : Review

We were asked to put the KidSmart App through its paces and with a daughter about to go into year 3 and a son about to start Reception, we thought it would be brilliant timing to aid their learning over the summer holidays. KidSmart is an educational App aimed at either preschool children, children in primary school or children about to embark on their 11+. We chose the reception to year 6 pathway to review.

Getting Started

After downloading the app and setting Isabella up with her monster avitar she immediately got started with the games and topics. KidSmart is a comprehensive learning App which covers both Maths and English topics and follows the National Curriculum. This was particularly interesting to me as I never really know what Isabella is learning at school so this is a useful tool to help gauge where she should be in her learning. What I love about the App is how it adapts to an individual child’s needs. Questions will auto generate depending on your child’s progress and needs.

Once a level/topic has been completed, a new one will open to help your child improve. To help motivate your child, there are animals to find within the games – you need to score 100% to get an animal. Once you have found your animal, it shows you on a map where it comes from. You can use the interactive element to click on an animal and learn a little more about the animal you have found.

As well as animals, there are also kidcoins to collect to ensure you are hitting your monthly target. Parents can set the target and change it to suit their child’s needs.


If you wish to change the rewards for your child, or even add a real gift for your child to work towards, you just head on over to the parent area. You can add the amount of coins you would like them to earn and help incentivise them to focus on their work. Once your child has reached their target, you will get a notification so you can buy the gift.

One thing as a teacher that I have found irritating is that some of the questions aren’t well written. This can make the question hard for young children to understand. My son, looking at the Reception pathway had a question which read ‘Tap the words that are same’. Although I was able to understand what he was being asked to do, it confused him slightly and he needed me to explain. This is something which I feel could easily have been eliminated.

Adding Additional Children

I must admit, I had a bit of a daft moment and couldn’t work out how to add additional children to the app first time (I must have been tired!). It’s actually a really simple process to add additional children to your profile. If you click on the profile icon, you will come to a home screen with an option to ‘add a child’ and within a few clicks your additional profile is up and running.

As well as some engaging work topic content, the children are also able to choose to play some additional games at any time.

Overall, I like the App a lot, we have found it useful for additional home learning which is fun and engaging for the children. We do find the App a little slow and sometimes it freezes which can be annoying, especially for the children. I’m not sure if this is down to our iPad or the App itself though. I really like how you, as a parent, can track your child’s progress and you can also allow extra practice of topics your child is struggling with. Isabella likes the notepad element that she can open up to add her workings out on if she’s struggling with a question too.

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