Moving house? Make things less stressful!

With our moving-in ‘anniversary’ just around the corner (and having a good friend who has just been through the process of moving), it got me thinking about the stress and struggles that moving house can bring. So I thought I’d put together a little checklist of things you can do to help make your move a little less stressful.

Once you have made the decision to move and you’re offer has been accepted on  your new home, the excitement can begin to grow. However, once the paperwork has started to get underway, and you have a rough idea of a move date, you have the tedious task of packing and clearing, sorting and dump-runs to get ready for the big day.

Using a removal service

I highly recommend using a removal service because not only can you ask them for packing boxes and the like, they also offer additional packing services (like packing the kitchen items or TV, or indeed, the whole house!) meaning your items are insured in case they are broken during transit. Aside from this obvious benefit though, and (in my opinion) more importantly, the removals team will load the lorry/van in record speed and save your back the trouble of heavy lifting.

In the past, we’ve done both; hiring a van and doing everything ourselves and hiring a removal service to dismantle large furniture (beds, sofas, cots and climbing frame), put the furniture back together at the other end and pack the lorry. Having to focus on two small children when we moved was difficult so for us, having a removal service was an absolute necessity in our eyes. The first time we moved home with a 9 month old, we did everything ourselves and I’ve never had a more stressful day in my life. Having a dedicated removals team meant that I could get the children out the way a little and keep them entertained on this long day.

The basic package

Of course once you know you are moving, you will begin packing your boxes. Once you have your moving date and have had a quote from a removal company, you can ask them to provide you with different sized packing boxes and packing material. We found the smaller boxes more useful for everyday items and the larger boxes better for bedding, pillows and lighter but bulkier items.

A couple of tips I have about the actual packing process:

  • Do not over pack your boxes. If the boxes are too heavy, they are more likely to break or indeed, you won’t be able to move them once they are full!
  • As you are packing, de-clutter. Get rid of things you haven’t used in a while to make your new home feel clutter free.
  • As you are packing your boxes, clearly label which room you want the boxes to be placed in in the new house and also list what you have in the boxes.
  • Make sure you have a survival box for the kettle, tea and coffee, cups, bin bags, toilet paper water or anything to make your new home liveable.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. There is nothing worse than feeling the pressure days or even hours before your big move.
  • Create a document folder to keep all important documents in a clearly-designated place. These include things like passports, insurance papers, housing and financial documents, medical records, and moving documents.

If you are looking to move, why not take a peek at removal services in and around London

to see if they can help make your move less stressful.


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  1. This is all so true! Moving is the perfect time to de-clutter – you don’t want your lovely new dream home to be full of loads of rubbish. And a survival box is definitely essential if you want to make it through the move in one piece.

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