Do you know how to look after your baby’s teeth?

I thought I did but after going to a dental health talk provided but the NHS I didn’t know as much as I do now. There are so many things that I got told today that I never would have thought about or known. Lots of what I am going to write is going to be taken from the NHS leaflets that we were given but I thought the information was too good not to share. Should you worry about {Read More}

15 Must Have Baby Christmas Gifts

So, what does a baby really want for Christmas? Well, apart from the wrapping paper and boxes! Here are 15 must have items for any baby this Christmas: 1. Sophie Giraffe teether 2. Baby grows (the next size up) 3. Stacking cups (babies find these hilarious) 4. Sleeping pods/bags 5. Nightlight and melodies 6. Bath toys 7. Skwish 8. Books 9. Baby Bjorn/carrier 10. Jumperoo 11. Baby clothes 12. Rattles 13. Finger puppets (to help bring stories to life) 14. Rocking horse 15. Bubbles If you’re looking to get something that will help the parents {Read More}

50 stocking filler ideas for the last minute shopping trip

So you have made/bought your children stockings, but now you have to think of things to fill them. Here are 50 different ideas to choose from… 1. Modelling Clay 2. Paint Box 3. Set of Paint Brushes 4. Tin of Colouring Pencils 5. Stencil Kits 6. 3D Puzzle Kits 7. Colouring Book 8. Puzzle Books 9. Marbles 10. Jigsaw Puzzle 11. Wooden Blocks 12. Trains 13. Model Cars 14. Finger Puppets 15. Bird Call Whistles 16. Pavement Chalks 17. Gliders 18. Model Plane 19. Ant farm or an insect viewing kit 20. Fossils for Dinosaur lovers 21. Magnifying Glass 22. Small box {Read More}

Hints and Tips

So we may have only been mummies for a few weeks, but it’s surprising what you find out when trying to settle your little one. Here are just a few hints and tips for issues that we have faced so far… In the beginning – NOT SLEEPING Some of our babies wouldn’t sleep in their moses basket and cried within minutes of being put down (even if they were fast asleep at the time). Some of the things we tried {Read More}