Potty training problems 3 weeks in

So I wrote a post a few weeks back about getting ready to potty train my little girl and we were all set up and ready for the day she decided she wanted to wear big girl knickers. We had the potties, training seats (thanks to BabyBjorn), sticker chart and pull-ups all ready for bedtime but I’m not quite sure I realised just how many accidents would happen in the first couple of days.


So day one we had two successful wees in the potty first thing in the morning but after that, I think almost all of her toilet needs were accidents. It was ok but I felt a little exhausted with all the clothes changes and clean ups. I think it felt worse because I had a newborn who also needed lots of attention and being a little sleep deprived, my patience wasn’t as good as it could have been.


Day two was a good day, mostly dry with just a few accidents but she was certainly understanding that if she didn’t make the potty in time then she would get all soggy and wet; this was a feeling she definitely didn’t like but I think it actually helped her understand the feeling of needing a wee and passing a wee. I really do think the accidents are a part of the learning for them so it’s really important to remember not to get cross with them,

Day three I actually stopped asking Isabella if she needed a wee as she was getting frustrated with me and I felt she was holding it in the more I asked. She had no wet accidents but two dirty accidents.

Day four and without asking her at all she was now happily using the potty with great success for wees. Our problems started around here though – out of nowhere she seemed to get fearful of going for a poo. We hadn’t made any big fusses over poo but it must have been the feeling, she just didn’t want to use the potty. After 5 days of her wanting to poo but holding it in, she finally went for a poo on the potty; this was however after an hour of her crying because she didn’t want to. I tired offering her a pull up, to put the potty somewhere, to hold her hand, a book/toy to play with but she didn’t know what she wanted, I even offered her a nappy again, even though many would have said not to. She refused them all. She finally went and all was ok for a day.

We are now three weeks into potty training and she very rarely has a wet accident but she will often go and hide somewhere when she needs a poo and will go in her knickers. We have tried bribery, stickers, explaining what poo is and where it goes. I’ve read books and listened to what others have said but she still has a real fear of going for a poo on the potty. She did manage to use the potty a couple of days ago for a poo but today we had the same aversion as before. I hoped that we cracked it the other day by hiding the potty in the corner of the room but she just can’t seem to get her head around the idea. I’m really starting to get lost for ideas now. If you have any helpful hints for me to try, please let me know! I’ll update when we find a solution 🙂

A quick tip for potty purchasing – we went to my mums for an afternoon and used my niece’s potty when we were there, or tried to, but she wouldn’t use it because she said it was unconfortable. It was quite a thin seat so I can see her point but we were very close to having an accident because of this. When you look for your potty, make sure it’s not too thin and has a flat insert. The BabyBjorn Smart Potty and toilet trainer seat look really comfortable; they are wide enough and the potty’s lift out middle is also flat around the edges so it doesn’t pinch when little bottoms wiggle around a little. It’s also really easy to pour liquid away, so much so Isabella will do it without spilling any.



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