Practising Creative Writing with Your Child

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Helping your child to develop their creative writing skills is very beneficial for them because it will support their learning in other ways. For instance, it will give them an opportunity to expand on their vocabulary, thus making them a better communicator, while also exercising their imagination. Here are some tips from an independent college in London on how you can practise creative writing with your child at home.

First of all, you should bear in mind that creativity requires time. You can’t just switch it on and off in a short space of time. Make sure your child has a few hours to spare so that they can brainstorm their creative ideas. Mind-maps work will for this because they encourage one thought to lead to another. You should also make sure that your child has a suitable writing environment. They will need a desk or table, stationery, and paper. Keeping a writing journey to hand will be beneficial to them because they will be able to jot their thoughts down as they arise.

Help your child with their story writing skills by providing them with a list of prompts. “Once upon a time…” is one example, but you should chat to your child and see if they can come up with some more unique alternatives. Writing prompts could also come in the form of images or objects that will help inspire your child to think outside the box.

If writing a story from scratch feels like too much of a challenge, perhaps encourage your child to rewrite the ending of a story themselves. Alternatively, you could ask them to pretend to be a journalist and write a review of a book they’ve recently read. Avoid making them feel as though their story or piece of writing has to be perfect on the first attempt, because focussing on spelling and grammar will distract them from their creative process. They can always come back to it later and proofread for any mistakes.

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