Relocating to Malaysia with Children – A Few Tips for Parents

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Moving to another country is hard no matter your situation, but even more so if you have children. You have to look at things such as education, daycare, transportation, and healthcare among other things. Then there’s the fact that children don’t always deal as well with relocation. These are all things that you have to be prepared for if you want to be able to adapt yourself quickly and get comfortable in your new home. Let’s take a look at a few tips for parents who are thinking of relocating to Malaysia.

Choose the Right City

First of all, you have to choose a city that has all the amenities you need as a family. You need to have a certain level of infrastructure so you will be able to do your shopping, have great places to eat and fun things to do, and make transportation easier. Also, you may be worried about the cost of living or you may want to live at a certain pace. Kuala Lumpur is usually one of the first cities people think of, but the pace of life there can be dizzying. If you want something that is comfortable, you could look for properties in smaller cities like Johor Bahru that offer roughly the same standard of living but without the stresses of a mega-city.

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Consider Hiring a Maid or a Helper

One of the best things about Malaysia is how affordable maids are in the country. If you considered them as a luxury back home, you’ll be pleased to know that a maid will cost anywhere between $170 to $300 USD per month in Malaysia. Most maids and helpers in the country come from either the Philippines or Indonesia. Indonesian maids tend to charge a bit less on average but they’re usually not as fluent in English, so that’s something you might have to consider. Either way, having a live-in maid that knows the country and its culture could be an invaluable asset to you and will make planning much easier for you and your family.



Your children can get a top-level education in Malaysia, but since the medium of instruction is English for local schools, you will probably have to send your child to an international school. Malaysia has tons of great international schools to choose from, and they vary in price. They will also have different admission requirements and will ask that children pass an evaluation test before being admitted. This is all information that you can learn on their websites or by communicating with them directly.


Transportation is something you’ll need to be prepared for before moving to Malaysia. Most cities will offer multiple options for getting around. You can choose from the monorail, RapidKL buses, trains, and light rail depending on where you are. In smaller cities, however, your best bet will usually be to go with taxis as these are very cheap in the country. You also have apps such as Easytaxi and Myteksi that make booking a taxi super easy. You could rent or buy a car if you want to, but you have to be ready for the Malaysian driving experience before you do.


Malaysia is a paradise for foodies and you should have no shortage of great places to eat. Not only that, but you’ll find many of the fast-food chains you had back home once you get there, so if your children have a hankering for some Burger King or KFC, it’s always there. But you have to explore the street food in the city as it’s a great way to discover the local culture and help your children immerse themselves in it. Know that the country has plenty of fine dining options as well.

As far as groceries go, there are also tons of options available and the price of produce is very low. We would suggest you hit the open markets if you’re looking for cheap fruits and vegetables. There are many supermarkets around the country and you’ll have no trouble finding everything you need barring a few items. The country also has night markets where you can make bargains on local produce and other goods.

Malaysia can be a great place to relocate with a family, as long as you’re ready for the experience. Make sure that you have the logistics down first and be prepared to adapt.

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