Simplifying the January School Run

January means that not only is it a new year, but it’s also time to go back to school, which means one thing… the dreaded school run. However, there’s no reason why the school run has to be dull and dreary, and even with the damp weather we can all liven things up a bit. Here are some top tips on how to make the school run a little bit easier this January.

Play Some Games

The school run can often feel monotonous for children for all ages. However, there’s no particular reason why it should be, and maybe we just need to spice things up a little by incorporating some games and making it a little bit more fun.

Simple games can make the whole process easier, actively engaging the children. Something like ‘eye spy’ can keep them active on the school run, as can other basic games such as ‘spot the red car’ or ‘mind the pavement gaps’. You can get some more great ideas here.

Not only can these games help make the school run a little easier, but they can also get your child’s brain working early in the morning, helping make sure they’re ready for school from the first bell.

Fun Wellies and Brollies for Rainy Days

January can often be the worst time for the school run, because it’s dark, wet and cold. This means that it’s hard to motivate yourself, never mind the children.

However, with jazzy, bright coloured umbrellas and sparkly wellies, you can inject a little bit of personality into the school run, providing your children with a reason to get excited, while also keeping their uniform clean and dry.

Alternate Transport

Finally, consider whether walking is your best form of transport. We don’t want to use a car unless we have to due to the environmental impact, but there may be other interesting forms of transport that can help to engage the children.

If you have more than one child, then bikes may be impractical if you have to transport them back home with you. However, stunt scooters could be a much simpler option, partially because they’re cheaper, and partially because they fold down, making them easy to transport back. With the use of the scooter, not only will be school run be more fun, but it’ll be quicker, too.

There’s no reason why the school run should be boring this January, so why not try following these top tips?

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