The Benefits of School Trips for Children

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Some of your strongest memories of school days probably include at least one school trip. Whether it was that day at the zoo or the big skiing trip, you’ll likely have some fond memories of the excitement of setting out on the coach, packed lunch to hand and a feeling of freedom that a day or weekend out of the classroom brought about.

School trips are vital for educational purposes but also as bonding experiences for both pupils and teachers alike. This independent school in Hampshire believes that children should be challenged by travel regularly. Local trips are just as important as residential trips. Younger children really enjoy the experience of getting on a coach and seeing a new place with their teachers and classmates. It’s also important because trips out with school may take in places or activities which you might not think of planning yourself.

Expanding horizons 

Until a child attends school full-time, their world is very small, usually consisting of immediate family and caregivers. When your child begins school full-time, they are suddenly immersed in a completely new world. New friendships are forged, and horizons are expanded as school trips will begin to take place.

For small children, these are usually to very local places – so that journeys are short and not too challenging. Children generally adore these opportunities. The excitement of a new place to see is underpinned by the joy of participating in the trip with friends.

First overnight trip 

Usually, children are around the age of 9 or 10 before they will attend an overnight trip with their class. For some children it will be their first time sleeping away from their family. For others, it will be nothing new as they may have already experience sleepovers.

Whichever category your child fits into, talk to them about the trip and find out if they are worried about any particular aspect of it. Attending trips like this is a great way to help children begin to stretch their wings and grow more independent.

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