The Biggest Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog

There are a number of benefits you can gain by writing and maintaining a blog. These are important factors to consider when deciding whether to begin blogging, either purely motivated by self-interest or as an added activity to your marketing strategy.

Blogging has become an important component of any marketing plan, with numerous top brands listing a blog page on their corporate websites. It is used to disseminate information they deem important and provides their audience with a tailored perspective.

If you bear even a passing interest in blogging but are pensive and unable to make up your mind, we have created this article to provide the substance needed to motivate you. Consider the following benefits as reasons to start your own blog.

Gain Visibility

With blogging, you stand out and gain visibility within a medium that is engulfed by billions of users with only a few creating unique content.

To get to the top and gain visibility, you need to create unique content which can reach people thousands of miles away. Interest them with your brand as well as the goods and services you are selling. This way, your readership will turn up regularly to religiously read your published material.

Become An Expert

Assuming you’re a lifestyle blogger who publishes posts about healthy living, through consistent opinionated posts, delivered in a commanding tone, you will become recognised as somewhat of an expert.

Your audience will acknowledge you as someone with great wisdom to offer. This does wonders for your brand as people look to you for validation and knowledge, in an effort to make decisions in line with your conclusions. Becoming an expert also links back to gaining visibility – the more you gain authority in your field, the more visible you will become.

Achieve Status

Branching off from the aforementioned benefit, being recognised as an expert in a particular field, you will be asked to present your views on podcasts, seminars, news channels, and more. You gain unimaginable opportunities that you would have never thought of!


Your blog can be monetised in a number of ways. As an entrepreneur, you could simply utilise your blog to plug the goods and services you offer, helping increase your sales numbers. If you don’t sell either of these, you could simply opt to place ads on your website. Depending on the revenue model you adopt, your blog can begin to generate revenue through the amount of traffic on each page or the clicks on each ad.

Furthermore, you could utilise your blog as a platform for affiliate marketing, in which your blog contains links to partner websites, showcasing their goods or services. Each time a user is redirected through your blog into the next stage of the marketing funnel, you gain a commission.

Create A Community

Your blog creates an ecosystem through the comments box typically found below each blog entry. Your audience uses it to engage with you, and have a dialogue concerning issues of substance.

You can foster an entire community by taking the time to reply to each person individually. As a business, this results in excellent public relations, and allows you to create and maintain goodwill with your customer base.

Communities ensure that any vitriol and misinformation plaguing the internet in regards to your brand name can be countered easily. Your readers will side with you or wait for your final say in matters.


If you’re still on the fence about whether you should take up blogging, the benefits presented above should serve as reason enough to take the leap. This could become a fruitful side activity or a full-time job that generates wealth. Consider the benefits and make your choice!



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