Top Tips for Better Heart Health

Your heart is something most people take for granted. It beats without us having to think about it and keeps us moving. It’s a muscle that pumps our blood around our body day in day out. But have you ever thought about ways you can keep your heart healthy? Here are my 4 top tips for better heart health.

Be Smoke Free

This is probably the single best thing you can do to promote a healthy heart. Smoking damages the heart and reduces the amount of oxygen that can get into your blood which impacts heavily on your body. After just one year of quitting smoking your risk of heart attack or stroke is halved!

Be physically active

Getting up and being active regularly will benefit not only your heart but your mind too. Regular physical activity can reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and heart disease. You should try and sit less and move more.

This can often be hardest at work but see if you can take a brisk walk in your break or move about a little more. Have lunch away from your desk to encourage you to get moving. If you need to ask someone a question, take a walk to find them, don’t email or call if you don’t have to. Take regular movement breaks – grab a glass of water or make yourself a cuppa. Move your bin away from your desk so you have to get up to use it.

Plan for more active weekends. Make arrangements to take a walk or cycle to meet up with friends. Try a new activity and make some new friends in the process. There are loads of activities out there which will benefit your heart. Go for long walks with the family and explore areas locally to you.

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods

I love food. I enjoy new tastes but I can also find myself getting stuck in a rut, cooking the same foods each week and not always making the best food choices. Healthy eating is a really important part of looking after your heart’s health. You should aim to reduce your salt intake, eat less refined carbohydrates and bad fats but still enjoy the food you’re eating.

Easy ways to help you choose healthy foods is ensuring you read the food labels. Knowing what you are looking for on your food packaging can help you make healthier choices. Try looking at the quantity per 100g when comparing products so you can compare more effectively but also check the per serving column to help give you a guide to how much you should be eating. Sometimes the issue isn’t with what you are eating but how much of it you are eating!

Look after your mental health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Although it is difficult to prove that depression is directly linked to heart disease, what is clear is that depression and heart disease often occur together. Maintaining a positive and healthy mind frame is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this in turn will help you maintain a healthy heart.

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