Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for Nursery

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When the day comes that you child is to attend nursery for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling all sorts of emotions. Trepidation for your child as they prepare to enter the first stage of their formal education and excitement as they begin what can be part of some of their happiest childhood memories. Preparing your child for nursery is something that should be approached from a positive standpoint.

If you are nervous about it, it’s very important that you don’t let your child pick up on this but remain cheerful and factual about it – don’t overdo it either! If you speak too much on a subject, your child may grow suspicious and consider it as something to be worried about. Here are some top tips to prepare your child for nursery:

  • Take them with you when you begin your search for the best nursery. Seeing your child in the environment will be helpful and including them is vital so that they don’t feel powerless.
  • Ask their opinion. Make sure to ask open-ended questions such as ‘what did you like about that nursery?” rather than “Did you like the garden?”. Giving a child an open forum will help them to be honest.
  • Look closely at the environment surrounding the nursery. Are there any lawns or trees? These are important for growing children. If there aren’t, will the children regularly visit a local park? If they will, then take your child to the park and discuss with them how they will visit the park with their new nursery teacher and friends.
  • Talk to your child about what to do if they miss you. It’s important to acknowledge that this might happen. It’s better to discuss the feelings they may go through rather than pretend they won’t – otherwise those emotions may come as a shock to your child.
  • Let them choose what they wear – within reason of course! Preparing their own outfit will help them feel more in control.

Nursery is a wonderful environment for younger children – helping them to learn social and academic skills which are trickier to teach at home is an important step for them prior to starting school.

The leaders of this Montessori nursery in Kew state that it’s important for children to develop autonomy and integrity as they grow – nursery is a wonderful way to help them achieve those things.



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