What To Do If Your Heating Switches Off Suddenly?

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You rely on the heater in your home to keep the place warm and comfortable. There are times though when you have concerns. Something isn’t working as it should, and that means no heat. Not only will the home be cold and uncomfortable, but you could end up with frozen pipes!

Pipes and boiler of gas heating system in the house

When your heat switches off suddenly, it can be the result of a minor issue or something more extensive. Do your best to troubleshoot and resolve the problem on your own. You can find plenty of articles like this one here. If those efforts don’t resolve the problem, contact a professional. You don’t want to ignore the issue as a small concern can turn into a larger issue. Boiler repair should be done as soon as you know there is a problem.

Turn it Off and Back On

On an older system, the switch may need to be replaced. Turn it off and back on. Did your heater kick back on when you did that? If so, you can replace the switch and see if that takes care of the problem. You can get a new switch at your local home improvement store and they are inexpensive. Make sure you turn off the power before you replace the switch as a precaution.

Check the Breaker Box

If the heater suddenly turns off, check the breaker box. You may have a blown fuse that needs to be replaced. Hopefully, your fuse box is properly labelled and it won’t be difficult for you to find the one that is linked to it. Otherwise, you will have to go through them until you find it. Fuses are easy to replace and can be purchased for a low price if you don’t have extras on hand.

Check the Pilot Light

Depending on the type of heating system you have, there may be a pilot light. Verify it is lit, and if it isn’t, follow the instructions on that device to light it again. If the pilot light continues to go out, there is an underlying issue that needs to be explored further. Such boiler repair is best handled by a professional for safety reasons.

Contact a Professional

If your troubleshooting hasn’t resolved the problem with the heater turning off, it is time to contact a professional. Local professionals will offer boiler repair services which should work for you. So, if you need boiler repair in Gateshead or Milton Keynes there will be a suitable option. NG Boiler Servicing for example can schedule a time to come to your home and evaluate the heating system. They know the common concerns for various types of heating systems. Once they identify the issue, they can share the solution.

Boiler installation and handyman in boiler room

It may be easy for them to fix with a few parts and some time. Find out how long it will take for them to fix it and the cost per hour. This eliminates an expensive bill you weren’t prepared for. In other scenarios, boiler repair isn’t going to fix the problem. The system may be too old or the repairs aren’t cost-effective.

If your heater needs to be replaced, the professional can help you identify the best deal. They can give you the pros and cons of options that will work well in your home. Many of the new systems are energy efficient and quiet. You will pay less to heat your home each month with the new system installed. Here are some great signs that you need a new boiler.

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