Being rude can sound annoying but we find it fun in this blog and what a fun way to be rude to people than to get a lot of rude birthday cards. Rude birthday cards are based on dark humour, sarcasm and sometimes anger and frustration you feel towards such person. We understand your plight and are giving you an avenue to express yourself rudely to your neighbour because let us face it, everyone is rude at some point in their lives, a little more would not hurt. Not so many sites will offer you a chance to show how rude and offensive you can be, however, at Boomf, they offer not only offensive but rude birthday cards from Boomf.

How To Start Rude Birthday Cards

Well here are a few tips on how rude birthday cards can hit the right spot and make you feel happy and feel like a better person. Read closely;


  • Be Sarcastic: sarcasm is the ultimate form of insult and it hits better when the celebrant does not understand the sarcasm or the insult intended. Rude birthday cards should have an atom of sarcasm to start with. It could be a picture of a slim person on the front page with a quote that states “you can always achieve this goal, I believe in you”.
  • Be Insulting: let the insult be as loud as possible to whoever reads it. Let the pity face of well-wishers be the satisfaction of your delight because that is what rude birthday cards are for. Rude birthday cards are for bullying people you naturally can bully to their face or some others you cannot bully. Insult their race, their weight, their size, whatever does not please you can be insulted.
  • Be Direct And Straight To The Point: Do not allow your feelings to get the best of you by writing something long or an epistle. Rude birthday cards should not contain more than 6 lines. This makes the insult hit bigger and better. You can even score a home run and feel proud of yourself for achieving to making someone cry on their birthday


Being cruel, rude and offensive does not just work with action or spoken words. Written words have a more heart-breaking effect than all other forms. This is why rude birthday cards are extremely necessary for making people feel more miserable. Boomf agrees wholeheartedly with this and they have various offensive cards to choose from, to satisfy your thirst for other people’s sadness.

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