Interior Design Tips For Revamping Your Conservatory

*collaborative post* Conservatories are a great addition to a home. They add an extra room that is so different from the rest of the house, so it is important to make the most of your conservatory and make it space your guests can gather and one that you can unwind in at the end of the day. Outlined in this article are our interior design tips that can help you revamp your conservatory and make the most of the unique {Read More}

How To Create A Garden Space For The Whole Family To Enjoy

*collaborative post* The garden is a space that everyone in the family can enjoy, from the youngest to the eldest. We all have fond memories of playing in our gardens with siblings, friends or relatives, and as adults, there’s nothing as enjoyable as relaxing in your garden with good company. There are plenty of ways to make your garden the perfect area for everyone. It is important to designate areas to ensure that everyone can make the most of the {Read More}

What is a retractable roof pergola?

I’m sure you know what a traditional pergola is… but do you know what is a retractable roof pergola? I know the name kinda gives it all away but I’ve recently found out about these modern pergolas and I think they are incredible! So, today I’m going to share everything and anything I found out about these innovative retractable roof pergolas. For some expert input, I’ve partnered up with retractable roof pergola specialists, Designer Shade Solutions. The team at Designer {Read More}

How to increase garden privacy

You want to have more privacy in your garden, I get it. You want to enjoy your garden space and want your little ones to roam around free without worrying about prying eyes looking at what you are doing (or not doing!). Sometimes you just want to have some privacy, and you should be able to! After all, your back garden is part of your home so here are some ideas of how you can increase your garden privacy. So, {Read More}

5 Factors why you need a houseplant   

*Collaborative Post* Plants come as a storehouse of positivity, happiness and they also render us with abundant purified air. They can even appear to be a survival kit for people because it releases bountiful oxygen and purity in the atmosphere.  Following this, being surrounded by plants helps in treating your health problems. These plants also endow us with an ample amount of clean air to breathe in and are like a revitalizing dose of energy for us. Thus, house plants {Read More}

How Important is Kitchen Flooring Planning? 

From the cooking of food to the washing of clothes, the kitchen requires a flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic from all directions and look stunning whilst doing it. So the reason why everyone looks to Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for the solution to this is simple; It doesn’t compromise on style whilst meeting the ongoing demands of the kitchen. Warmth Whilst many homeowners feel the desire to opt for real wood or stone flooring throughout the kitchen, {Read More}

Looking for artwork to spruce up your home?

Whether you work from home or just want to make your house a home, taking the time to consider your wall space and how to dress it, can have a huge impact on your home décor. Turning a drab wall into something spectacular doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. For a simple, quick and cost effective way of creating that wow factor, you can shop for incredible art work at Whatever the room, Photowall has a wide {Read More}

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Garden Shed

*Collaborative Post* A garden shed is one of the many small additions that you can make to your home to add to its convenience. A garden shed can be a great place to store items and tools you routinely use around the house. It can also make for a perfect place to work on small or major projects, and could even add to the garden’s decor.  It all depends on whether you pick the right one, however. There are also {Read More}

Top tips for getting your home loan approved

*collaborative post* Buying a new house is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever go through, therefore you may need a home loan or mortgage to help you out. Home loans are easily accessible no matter where you live in the world, especially in China. But there are a number of things that you need to do in order for your loan to get approved. So here are the top tips for getting your home loan approved. Know how {Read More}

How to Best Maximise the Space in Your Child’s Room

*Collaborative Post* Small spaces are tricky when it comes to interior design. There always seems to be a constant struggle to combine design and décor with functionality, making the space both inviting but well-organised. Nowhere is this more the case than with a child’s room. Kids are notorious for having large collections of toys, arts and crafts, books, and so forth, all of which can take over their room in no time. If you’re ready to tackle your child’s room {Read More}