When shouldn’t I do it myself?

In the age of pinterest and youtube, plenty of mums are also skilled DIYers, wielding cordless drills and a paintbrush with ease, saving money in the process. Sometimes though, there are jobs we can’t tackle on our own. This is where hiring an outside contractor can come into play, particularly when it comes to big jobs like extensions. It can be tempting to try and do as much of the work yourself as possible, considering how expensive it can be {Read More}

Positive and Accessible Changes to Your Lifestyle

Recently there has been a call for the government to develop more accessible and inclusive homes to meet the national demand. With around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK alone, this campaign is more relevant than ever. If you’re a wheelchair user or live in a household with one, there are a few things you can change to make life easier. Here are some adjustments you can make to guarantee a more accessible and wheelchair-friendly home: Home Improvements   {Read More}

Updating your kids bedroom with a mural

Wallpaper has been used in houses for centuries and it’s now trendier than ever to decorate your home with the inspiring prints, colours and textures available. But it’s not just wallpaper, if you’re looking for a statement piece, or something to simply brighten up one wall, you could always opt for a wall mural, wall art or even wall stickers; the choice really is almost endless. Thinking of a mural? We’ve used a wall mural in Isabella’s room to add {Read More}

How to Create a Stress-Free Home Environment

Do you sometimes feel that your home isn’t quite the relaxing and tranquil home that you long for? Most people want to come home from a busy day and relax in a stress-free home. If your home is chaotic, you might not be able to do this and instead you’ll find it exacerbates any stress levels you already have. Sloane and Sons have created a handy guide to creating a Stress-Free Home with Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese art. {Read More}

Freshening up the Living Room

Having been in our home for just over 2 years now, I’ve started to freshen up the rooms starting with the children’s bedrooms. Next on my list is the living room. Our living room is quite long and so while the children are still quite young we’ve almost split the room into two; a living room and a playroom. This means that we’ve decided to hold off on completely redecorating until we move all the toys out in a few {Read More}

New Kitchen Ideas

I have a long list of rooms in the house that I’d love to tackle and having lived in the house for a little over two years now, I’m getting more and more itchy to get them sorted. Top of my list though would have to be the kitchen. Here are some of my new kitchen ideas . While it’s a functioning kitchen, in my eyes, the layout was never properly considered so as well as not looking aesthetically pleasing, {Read More}

Helpful Advice For A Small-Scale Home Renovation

When was the last time you redecorated your house? Every home becomes a little worn out over time. Even if you love your quaint little abode, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in good shape. And the aesthetic of your household plays a big part in how comfortable you feel. You might love your old sofa because it’s soft and cosy, but you might hate the sight of the faded paint on the walls and the ugly old curtains hanging on {Read More}

Easy DIY Garden Furniture Projects for the Summer

Garden furniture is not just an accessory, it is a practical addition to the garden allowing you and your family to enjoy many hours of summer sunshine (hopefully!). It can also be the item that is in need of most care and attention. If you are looking for a handy DIY project this summer, we have just the thing… Garden bar Who doesn’t love kicking back and relaxing on their day off in the garden, enjoying the rays of sunshine {Read More}

My Garden needs some TLC!

We’ve been in our ‘new’ house for just over 2 years now but there’s still so much we want and need to do to make it perfect. One of the items on our ever growing to-do list is the garden. Apart from adding things for the children (a large play-set and a small wooden play house), we really haven’t done much to it and it’s starting to show – it definitely needs some TLC. Adults need a nice space too {Read More}

How to Make Your Garden Personal to You

The garden is an important space. It may mean different things to different people, but the garden represents so much. It is also the place that more people are adding memorial benches, making it an even more personal space. But what designs can support this so that your garden soaks up memories? When we lose a loved one, we need space, emotionally and physically, to come to terms with the loss. An important process as we grieve are the memories {Read More}