Getting a Gardener

I would love to say that I am green fingered and my garden looks like something out of the Chelsea Garden Show but sadly, that just isn’t the case. I can barely tell the difference between a weed and a flower at times! So what can you do if you aren’t naturally green fingered? You can invest some money into getting a great gardener. There are bound to be some great gardeners in your area but they will offer widely {Read More}

New boiler and heating system

When we moved into our current home, we knew that the heating system would need updating. The was quite old, didn’t look like it was going to last much longer and wasn’t hugely efficient. We decided that for the first week we officially owned the house that I would move in with my parents for a week and we would get the heating fixed before we officially moved in. Choices There are actually more choices available for central heating systems {Read More}

Thinking about windows or conservatories?

If you own your own home and it’s not a new build, the chances are there is some work you’d like to get done, whether that be changing the windows or building a conservatory, revamping the bathroom or kitchen or just decorating in general. If your house is quite cold, you might have questioned the efficiency of your windows and started looking at the possibility of replacing them. I know we have. This is our third house now but the {Read More}

Top Tips when Moving Home

Have you experienced the stress that moving house can bring? Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. So before you move house, you need to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible. Although our last move was literally a 3 minute car ride away, the whole process was still just as hard. After 3 houses, we have now hopefully settled into our forever home and have learnt a few things {Read More}

How to Create a Glamorous Bathroom

Bathrooms can be pretty uninspiring at times. The plain and minimalist look with clean lines and no clutter in sight sounds like a dream but can be hard to maintain (especially if you like your cosmetics!) and just lack a little lustre, which is why I’ve started looking at ways I can glam up my bathroom without costing the earth. Bathrooms can be expensive to redecorate (it’s the second most expensive room aside from the kitchen!), especially if you are {Read More}

Winter is Coming – Prepare Your Lawn

No matter how well you look after your lawn, by the end of the summer it’s looking a bit tired and traumatised! Even if you haven’t had a hosepipe ban in your area, chances are some parts of the lawn are a bit scorched. There’s also bound to have been a few too many games of swingball and maybe a barbecue or two that got out of hand and onto the grass. Plus, the grass will have used up most {Read More}

Updating Bathrooms

On our ever increasing to do list for the house are the bathrooms. Although our en-suite bathroom is relatively new and in good working order, one thing it doesn’t have is a shower. My husband ends up having to use the family bathroom which isn’t the end of the world, I know. But if we are going to be renovating the bathrooms, it’s certainly something he’d love to have. Inspiration So here’s  my inspiration post of my perfect bathroom. It’s {Read More}

Make a Statement with Brick Tiles

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you’ll know that we are looking at renovating certain parts of the house. The biggest project will hopefully be a kitchen extension (depending on planning permission) and kitchen redesign. Of course, with apps like Pinterest, more and more of us are carefully planning our renovations and redecorating ideas months in advance and I’m no exception. I’ve spent hours trawling the internet for the perfect colour schemes and design ideas along with interior inspiration. {Read More}

Why Window Boards Can Make A Real Difference

We are so so close to getting our windows changed (it’s been a long time coming!) and while we are doing it, we’re also going to change our rather tired and dreary window cills. Although some might think this is unnecessary, I would argue that it will complete the room and make a huge difference. We currently have dark brown windows and window cills (also known as window boards). When we moved in, we didn’t realise how bad the windows {Read More}

Keep it cosy: Autumn essentials for your child’s room

As the weather cools down and the knitwear comes out, a lot of us will soon be finding ourselves spending more time indoors. There’s nothing better than coming home after a chilly Autumn day and curling up on the sofa with a cosy blanket. That’s why September is the perfect time to start making some quick tweaks to the home to get each room Autumn ready. If your child’s room is one space in particular that could use a bit {Read More}