4 Tips for Clearing and Making Your Living Room Feel New Again

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While unlike a loft or a garage, your living room might not be overrun with junk. However, you might be surprised at just how much clutter your living room might have accumulated over the past few years. Which can leave it feeling overrun and just not a very nice place to relax in.

So, how can you clear your living room and make it feel new again?

1: Use Fewer Remotes

When it comes to our living rooms, it can feel like we have a ridiculous amount of remote controls. As whether it’s for your TV, your Sky, your Blu-Ray and even extras like a sound bar – there always seems to be remotes everywhere and, subsequently, going missing.

To help keep your remotes in order, think about using a universal remote that will work with multiple appliances. Or, if you’d prefer to keep your remotes separate, consider having a basket or similar where you can store all your remotes together.

2: Have a Clear-Out of Old Belongings

Over the years, we tend to collect lots of bits and bobs from different places. The problem is, cushions, ornaments, books and similar all tend to clutter up a living room, making it feel overrun and generally not a nice place to sit.

So, be brutal and really decide on what you really want to keep, deciding to sell or donate items that you don’t really want to keep. Even getting rid of as little as 10% of the items in your living room can totally change the look and feel of that room.

3: Try to Keep the Toys in Order

If you have children, the likelihood is, their toys and games will soon work their way all over your living room. Now, you’re not going to want to chuck your kids out the room, but if you want to gain control of that living room, you should try and give your kids their own corner to play in.

As by doing this, your children will know that this is their dedicated corner and that they should tidy up when they’re finished. You should also remember that kids grow out of toys frequently, so keep looking to see if there’s anything you could donate to make sure the toys don’t start taking over again.

4: Add Clever Storage

Obviously, you won’t be able to get rid of everything that might be cluttering up your living room, however, it is possible to hide items with some clever storage. For instance, rather than just a normal coffee table, get one where the top lifts off to reveal storage – the same goes for footstools.

If you have lots of books, games or DVDs, a bookshelf can be a good way to show these off without it taking up too much of your floor space. Or, items like cubed storage units can even hide them completely.

Of course, these are just quick fixes for your living room, but they can be applied to any of the rooms in your home. If you’re looking for a more intensive clear-out of your home and you’re worried about where you might put your rubbish, just contact us here at Kwiksweep where our team will happily talk you through how we can collect any junk for you in a convenient way!

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