5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Backyard into A Fun Playground

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Play is a vital and necessary aspect of your child’s life. Having a playground in your own backyard will surely make the kids extremely happy. And creating one is not difficult at all.

If you have children, you undoubtedly know they have a lot of energy, definitely much more than an adult has. So, it is perfectly understandable if you are unable to keep up with them. Because of this incredible energy and curiosity, it is highly recommended to give the chance to consume it in the healthiest ways. 

By giving them the space needed to play safely, either alone or with other children, giving them the opportunity to discover different sports or letting them spend their time productively at summer camps, your child’s growth is ensured. Plus, they will be grateful for these moments, making memories, living joyfully while also learning vital skills, like interacting with other kids through play. 

For this reason, if you have the room and opportunity to transform a part of your backyard into a playground, you should undoubtedly take advantage of it. Not only will your child be full of happiness playing different games or enjoying a swing set, for instance, but they will also spend a lot more time outdoors. There is no surprise that children nowadays are inclined to be spending less time outside, given they are surrounded by technology and are drawn to all sorts of devices and gadgets. 

While technology can play a vital and positive role in a child’s growth, making them tech-savvy and boosting their critical thinking skills, being outside, playing and interacting with other kids has its benefits as well. This increases a child’s creative skills as well as improves their motor skills and physical health. Plus, they can learn how to socialise from a young age, and respect others. Not to mention that outdoor play benefits a child’s mental health.

Therefore, you should start putting together a project that transforms your backyard, or a particular area of it, depending on the available space, into a fun playground for your children and their friends. Here’s how to accomplish it in five simple steps:

1. Set The Scene by Choosing the Right Location

First things first. It is necessary to scan your backyard to decide on the suitable space where the playground will be. Indeed, if your yard is relatively small, then it is highly likely that the playground will take most of the area. 

But if you are lucky to have a spacious garden, it might be necessary to place the playground in a specific area. Usually, it is recommended for it not to be close to any seating area so that the children can enjoy a lot of space running around, but not too far away either, so you can still keep your kids in your eyesight. Therefore, when you begin this project, it is crucial to first and foremost set the scene by choosing the right location both for the children and the parents.

2. Choose A Playground-Appropriate Base

The following important aspect of building a backyard is choosing a base that is appropriate and allows kids to play safely. Essentially, the base will be underneath any playground equipment you decide on including. For instance, if you add a swing and slide set, the recommended options are sand or grass – faux or natural – given they are incredibly soft and absorb falls.

Rubber is also an excellent choice, especially because it is slip-resistant. This is why the rubber base is the go-to option for many public playgrounds. However, it can be a bit pricey, although there is a wide-ranging variety you can choose from. So, this could also be a base option to consider if you cannot accommodate sand or grass for the entire playground. 

3. Get Your Kid Involved in The Process

Given you are creating this area, a small world, for your kids where they can have fun, explore nature and make friends more easily, it is highly recommended to include them in the entire process. This guarantees the playground will look precisely how the kid would like it. In addition to this, it is highly beneficial to give your children the opportunity to speak their minds, show them you value their opinions, and consider their needs and likes.

Therefore, you could browse all types of playground equipment together. The whole family could transform the backyard into a fun area where kids can play. DIY playground projects are an excellent way for you to spend time together. You could build a house tree for your kid – that surely is fun.

4. Decide On the Playground Equipment Together

Now, the fun part. Once you have done all the previous steps and all is set, you can browse Wickey to choose between all the playground equipment available and decide together on the right ones. As mentioned above, involving your kid in the process is of the utmost importance and incredibly helpful to you.

Whether you have decided to do any DIY projects or not, it is essential to allocate enough time to find the right equipment to include in the playground. Indeed, it is necessary only to have the ones that your kids want. The most desired and popular equipment in playgrounds is a swing set – they are entertaining and timeless. Apart from this, you may wish to include slides, a climbing structure and a cute seating area where they can play board games. 

5. Embrace The Nature Around

Last but definitely not least, when creating a playground in your backyard it is crucial to embrace all the nature around. This means not cutting down any trees but instead using the outdoors to their fullest potential. Doing this teaches children to be highly appreciative of nature while also benefiting their well-being by being outdoors. 

In a child’s development, being outside, surrounded by nature, is of the utmost importance, given that it can improve their mental and physical health. Therefore, when you start transforming your backyard into a fun playground, you should create it while embracing everything that is around you.

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