Amazing reasons to switch to LED lighting in 2021

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As adults leading busy, frequently chaotic lives we don’t often give much thought to the lighting solutions in our homes. With so many other responsibilities and tasks to get done, who has the time to think about these things?

Well, what if I told you that by making a simple, lighting solution switch, you could lower your energy consumption and your energy bills, at the same time? Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? What if I told you that switching to a modern lighting option could help you do your bit to protect the environment? Would I have your attention?

As more households than ever start making the switch to LED lights, it’s clear that LEDs are the way forward. Here we’ll discuss some amazing reasons to switch to LED lighting in 2021.

They’re incredibly stylish

Your lighting choice should complement the interiors of your home and you shouldn’t have to settle for halogen bulbs and gloomy corners. LED solutions like these LED neon lights can instantly transform your home, whether you’re looking for a practical lighting option or something to help set the mood and even add a pop of colour to your bedroom or living space. With a wide range of colour options and even dimmable options available, you can decorate and illuminate every corner of your home with stylish, practical lighting.

They save you money on your energy bills

We’re all conscious of our rising bills and trying to keep to our monthly budget is often a struggle. But, switching to LED bulbs in 2021 means you can take back control of your energy spending and enjoy lower energy bills. These clever little bulbs are much more energy-efficient and require less energy to run than traditional halogen, incandescent or even fluorescent options. So, making the switch is obvious!

They’re better for the planet

We’re all familiar with the plight of our planet, global warming, polluted land, and oceans. We all need to do our bit for the Earth and with LEDs, you can! These bulbs require less energy to power, which is a plus but they’re also incredibly efficient, which means they waste less than 5% of energy as heat. They’re also mercury-free, so when they do need replacing, they won’t harm the planet.

They last longer

With an average lifespan of over 60,000 illuminated hours, traditional energy-saving bulbs simply can’t match the longevity that comes with LEDs. Longevity means less waste which is better for the planet and your wallet!

Better quality lighting

Traditional energy-saving bulbs take a while to “warm-up” and leave a lot to be desired. With LED bulbs, you can choose the lumen-range in your chosen options and even the colour range. These clever bubs provide a clean, clear and bright lighting solution that gives your home a stylish, modern finish.

You can use them anywhere!

From under cabinet lighting and bedroom ambience with dimmable options, to outdoor security and garden lights. LEDs are durable and look great throughout your domestic or commercial property!

What are you waiting for? Make the switch to LED lights today!

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