Bright Ideas to Redecorate Your Child’s Bedroom

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How to add colour to your child’s bedroom

Neutral décor is immensely popular in modern interiors and works well in most rooms of the house. Nurseries are often kept quite neutrally decorated, to create a peaceful space for babies to sleep in. But when children begin to grow, brighter colours and more vibrant décor can be a nice addition. Although, too many patterns and contrasting shades can be a bit overwhelming. So, how do you create the perfect balance? Here’s one way you can tastefully decorate your child’s bedroom in cheery tones.

Build on a neutral base

Even though you may be looking for a colourful child’s bedroom, creating a neutral base is still a good idea. Natural materials are nice to use for this purpose. If your budget allows, wooden flooring is a lovely option, as it allows for easy cleaning and usually adds a warming tone to the room. But if you can’t afford the wooden flooring cost, a good laminate can work well too.

Wood is also useful for bedroom furniture. Not only does wooden furniture have a great ability to fit in with changing décor and colour schemes, but it’s also sturdy and will last for years. Many people choose flatpack furniture for children’s bedrooms, but it’s not always the most durable option.

There’s no harm in choosing a white or muted shade for the walls either, as pops of colour can be added through soft furnishings and decorative accessories or even a feature wall. If you feel white is too cold a colour, try an off-white with a subtle warmth. A slight pink or yellow toned white, for example and then pick a wallpaper perfect for a feature.

Add in cheerful elements

Adding a splash of cheerful colour to your child’s bedroom is easy to do. You just need to be careful not to overdo it. Pick a few areas where you think the room could benefit from some brighter colours. You could decide to hang a few brightly painted picture frames on the wall and match it to a bedside lamp and rug. But don’t feel the need to repeat this with all the furnishings, such as curtains, duvet covers and so on. It could be a bit too much, especially when your child is trying to sleep.

Adding cheerful elements to personalise your child’s room, doesn’t mean just adding lots of bright colour. You could add a few fun elements in too. These can be eye-catching without being too bold. For example, you could string pale pastel bunting or decorative garlands along a wall. These can compliment the wall colour without needing to be in over-powering primary shades.

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