New Kitchen Ideas

I have a long list of rooms in the house that I’d love to tackle and having lived in the house for a little over two years now, I’m getting more and more itchy to get them sorted. Top of my list though would have to be the kitchen. Here are some of my new kitchen ideas .

While it’s a functioning kitchen, in my eyes, the layout was never properly considered so as well as not looking aesthetically pleasing, the layout just doesn’t work for me. While we don’t have the money to get a new kitchen just yet, we are making a few improvements and adding in some extra storage.

Modern Accessories

My aim until we can completely re-do the kitchen is make a few small purchases of some funky and more modern accessories like this amazing looking Umbra Mappit Memo Board and bright Circle Wall Clock I found in Lionshome. Then I’d re-paint the walls a light colour to freshen it all up and add some cute accessories to match the bright colours of the clock. These fun, contemporary colours would work with any colour kitchen we would go for in the future; however because it’s quite a small room, we would likely go for a lighter colour than the current wood we have to make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Making more of the space

Aside from getting a brand new kitchen, if I were to ever get my way and get an extension to make the kitchen bigger, the first thing I would add would be a breakfast bar or island with space for seating. I really would love to be able to make more use of the kitchen, I’d especially like to have the children be able to sit in the kitchen and do their homework or play whilst I cook. Currently they are in the dining room or living room while I cook and I’m constantly moving between the rooms to check on them and keep an eye on the dinner. As well as being more social for the family, and more convenient for breakfast or quick snacks, I think adding somewhere to sit would be ideal for entertaining too.

Again, to make the most of the space we have, I would like to utilise all the available spaces in the kitchen. I don’t like having too much out on display so making use of the inside of cupboards is important to me. I’ve found some great looking hanging storage baskets, storage racks to keep plates and bowls, lids and Tupperware at bay as well as functional storage to turn the cupboard under the stairs into a proper pantry. Although I have some shelves and a wicker basket-shelving unit in the cupboard, having something a little sturdier like this Slam kitchen pantry unit would make such a difference to the usability of the kitchen.

If you could change anything about your kitchen or add something to make it a more usable space, what would you add? Would it be cosmetic or functional?

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