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Your kitchen is the one room in the house that sees the most challenge on a daily basis.

Be it cooking, cleaning or washing you are faced with a multitude of substances that will drop to your floor from cooking sauces to water to mud. The floor takes a lot of hits daily and is faced with discoloration or ruin if not suited to such conditions.

This is why vinyl flooring has become a favourite for homeowners and interior designers for its durability and easy clean properties. Let’s take a look at some  instances where vinyl will save your kitchen.

Stain Resistance

Substances like cooking sauces and liquids have a nasty habit of escaping the work top and hitting your floor whilst cooking. Some sauces are so strong that they leave a mark on your floor even after a dozen clean up attempts.

A positive with vinyl flooring is the easy clean values where a warm soapy sponge or quick mop will leave your floor as clean as the day it was put down. No discoloration from strong curry sauces that are usually an eyesore within your home, vinyl gives a lasting guarantee that your kitchen retains its showroom look.

Total Scratch Resistance

The Kitchen also has its fair share of risk when it comes to removing appliances or cutlery dropping from the kitchen work top.

Scratches and scuffs on the floor can cause entire sections to be pulled up to fix and can be a costly endeavour. With the vinyl option, you are safe in the knowledge that anti scratch technology has been implemented.

What this means is that your floor has a higher resistance rate for those times when removing a washing machine or installing a dishwasher would usually leave a lasting mark. Should a section need replacing you can remove the singular section without causing a large section of the floor to be disrupted.

No Slips, No Smashes

A clean or polished floor can usually mean a slippery surface for a few hours and accidents are bound to happen… especially with children.

Reducing the threat of accidents in the home when it comes to slips is why vinyl is a solid option. With anti slip properties, homeowners are at ease knowing that a child tearing through the house doesn’t mean a family tearing down the road to the hospital.

The other aspect of safety with vinyl is the cushion layer it provides. This is especially of use when a dropped glass would usually lead to a break and shards of glass being discovered up to three weeks after the incident and initial clean up.

With greatly improved chances of your glass or crockery cushioned on the blow, you could find your kitchen sets not incomplete due to any unfortunate accidents.

Easy to Install and Change

Vinyl is an incredibly easy option to install which makes it a favourite for those preferring to do a little DIY around the house. With its sections cut to shape you find yourself not wasting any tiles or boards and due to the easy replacing of the flooring, it makes for a stress free living experience.

Also to consider is the sheer wealth of design and colour palettes available through professional suppliers. With every type of style to suit your kitchen from classical to modern to unique, you can match to your fittings or adopt a more swish appeal if you host parties from your cooking area.

Amtico Spacia uses innovative manufacturing to deliver a traditional and contemporary feel to your kitchen utilising rustic textures and hand crafted grooves in all their collections such as Form and Signature. Luvanto is a company that brings out a wilder side with such collections as Silver Slate, Reclaimed Oak and New York Grey. Invictus works for commercial and domestic spaces, giving every corner durability and style. All provide the top levels of perfection for those living for their kitchen and gives a look that is welcoming and showroom friendly.

When you are looking for a kitchen that’s safe, stylish and satisfactory, Vinyl provides the ultimate first step.

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