Easy DIY Garden Furniture Projects for the Summer

Garden furniture is not just an accessory, it is a practical addition to the garden allowing you and your family to enjoy many hours of summer sunshine (hopefully!). It can also be the item that is in need of most care and attention. If you are looking for a handy DIY project this summer, we have just the thing…

Garden bar

Who doesn’t love kicking back and relaxing on their day off in the garden, enjoying the rays of sunshine and cooling breeze? But sometimes, we want to do more with the garden and that means opening it up to family and friends enjoying either planned or impromptu get-togethers.

What you need is a garden bar and it couldn’t be simpler. As well as shop bought bars you can also make your own.

You will just need a few palettes, a sharp saw (or an electric one to save your muscles!), a hammer and long nails. Measure out and cut pallets to make the bar top and using the remaining pallets, create the framework that will hold it up. For stability have one long back, and two shorter sides.

Once nailed together, paint with your choice of outdoor stain or paint, let it dry and then use it as an informal seating area or lean-on in the garden.

You can make stools out of leftover pallets if you have enough or use indoor stools. Alternatively, you can buy stools suitable for outdoor use too.

Patio seating area

If you haven’t set aside a specific seating area in the garden, this DIY project is ideal to take on. This is a weekend DIY job providing you have all materials and tools in place and a few hours to commit to making it.

But, worth the effort, it will last for many, many summers to come.

  • Identify the area – choose a suitable place in the garden to build your patio. The flatter it is, the better because it means less heavy groundwork for you in preparation. Other aspects to consider is how much sun the patio would get. Full sun all day could be uncomfortable.
  • Hardcore layer – you will need to cut out the area that you will lay the patio flags, digging down deep enough to accommodate a layer of compressed hardcore and the depth of the patio flags too.
  • A mix of sand and cement – next scatter a layer of sand and cement mix. Keep some back in a bucket as you will need to add or remove this sand and cement mixture to ensure that each patio flag is level. Take your time, because getting it right means a long-lasting and flat patio.
  • Lay flagstones – use different sizes of patio flags to create an interesting but easy to lay pattern but whenever possible, offset the patio flags (as you would when building a wall with breezeblocks).
  • Fill in gaps with cement powder – once laid, push cement powder into the cracks between the patio flags. You can do this by brushing it in with a brush. Over time, ground moisture will set the cement, forming a seal between the flags.
  • Enjoy! – once laid, you can begin to enjoy the patio. Why not invest in lightweight but sturdy garden rattan furniture? From loungers to dining sets, the versatility of rattan as a material knows no bounds.

Other amazing ideas

Garden seating should be fun, as well as practical and safe. There are all kinds of amazing DIY projects that will see you satisfied in creating your very own bespoke and – dare we say? – designer seating solutions. They will certainly be unique!

Head on over to Design Sponge to find out how to create your own hammock. Kids and adults love hammocks, maybe it is the gentle swinging motion to lulls us into a relaxed state of mind, body and soul.

Wooden pallets were once considered a waste product of the building trade but now, with a pot of paint and a few nails, you can create almost anything for use in the garden from a simple coffee table to this amazing swinging daybed The Merry Thought.

So, which DIY project will you take on this summer?


Rattan Direct stock a range of high- quality rattan furniture in all shapes, sizes and design, perfect for the summer garden and conservatory.

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