Easy ways to start saving

Having moved three times in the past 8ish years, my husband and I are keen to stay where we are. In fact, I’m pretty confident that we will make this our forever family home. Although we love the house, having lived her for two years now, we have started to notice all the things we really want to do to the house to make it perfect. However, we need to start saving to make things happen.

Overall we are happy with the size of our house but it’s no secret that I’ve always wanted a larger kitchen. My dream is to be able to have a table in the kitchen as well as a breakfast bar so the children can sit and do their homework whilst I’m cooking dinner. Or so we can just have a little more space while baking as a family. So we are looking at saving enough money to do a single story extension at the front of the house.

Although we are mainly doing this for the purpose of living in the house, it’s always nice to see how much money your little investment has made and you can check how much your home has gone up pin value with this handy calculator.

Easy ways to start saving

Some of best ways to start saving money is to cut out any unnecessary expenditure. Although this might seem easier said than done, some of the best things to do is to check you’re not overpaying on your bills. Move gas and electric suppliers to a cheaper tariff and make sure your money takes advantage of perks and interest in the right bank account. Move your money to an account which offers a sign up bonus or ones with attractive interest rates.

Declutter the house and make some money by selling any unwanted items. There are free selling sites on social media as well as more well known sites which do take a percentage of the payment. As well as getting a few more pounds in your pocket, you’ll also feel so much better having cleared some of your clutter.

Make and USE meal plans ensuring you write a list of necessary ingredients. If you only buy what you need, you are less likely to waste food and you’ll save money too. As an added bonus, you’ll probably end up eating a much wider variety of dishes than if you just bought the same food each week.

Make staying in the new going out. Obviously there are times when you just want to have a good night out but why not host a dinner party or a game night in with your friends? You could save so much money and still have had a fantastic evening.

Make things real

Record your expenses and find out exactly how much you spend on a monthly or weekly basis. Once you realise how much you spend (especially on everyday items) you will be able to make clear decisions about whether you actually need to buy everything on your list.

After you’ve seen what you need to spend each month, set yourself a realistic budget. Although your aim is to save money, there’s no point in making an unrealistic budget that you’re not going to stick to. Instead give yourself a small contingency each month so you can still buy small items not on your budget.

Knowing how much money you should have left in the bank at the end of the month is all well and good but we all slip up sometimes. Actually setting up a direct debit or transfer from your account to a savings account will mean that you don’t need to worry about moving money each month and you’re also less likely to slip up and spend more than you meant to.

If you need to buy things, use discount sites like dealsqueen to check any savings you could make before you buy.

Sit back, watch your savings grow and enjoy the savings!

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