Finishing touches with a Luxury Vinyl Floor

With the extension almost finished, it’s time to get to the fun part – decorating. We have basically extended the front of the house and re configured the rest of the rooms in order to create a kitchen diner and a separate utility room. To do this we had to move the downstairs cloakroom and make the integral garage smaller. However, what we were left with was a lovely light open space. Because of the layout, I wanted to ensure the flow wasn’t broken up by having poor flooring. So we’ve been contemplating what to do and gone for a luxury vinyl flooring.

Eventually we decided on a luxury vinyl floor (LVT) which would be perfect for high traffic areas but also would look modern and be easy to keep clean. As I wanted the whole space to flow, we decided to keep the same flooring throughout the entire new part of the downstairs. We went with a light grey wood effect floor and I can’t believe the difference it’s made to the rooms.

What is it and how do I clean it?

Luxury Vinly flooring is one of the most versatile flooring ranges on the market. It’s robust perfect for high traffic areas. LVT is thicker type of vinyl floor than your standard glue down vinyl and an added benefit is that it looks like real wood (or stone) flooring.

As with other vinyl flooring, you get all the characteristic of a wooden floor but you have a much softer and warmer feel to it. Because of the process, vinyl flooring is very durable and water resistant. LVT flooring is often recommended when you have a family because it is fully waterproof, so it’s able to withstand spillages. This is another reason we decided to get it. With two children and a cat, we wanted something that we could keep clean without having to worry about spills and stains. More than that though if anything is dropped, you needn’t worry, because not only is water resistant, it is also scratch-proof, highly durable and more importantly it is also a very low maintenance floor. All that it needs is to be regularly sweep or mopped using a warm damp cloth.

Looks Great

When we were considering the floor, we wanted practical but we also wanted it to look great. This grey oak effect vinyl really does give the effect of real wood and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out. The whole floor including: kitchen, utility, cloakroom and hallway was laid in just over a day and the transformation from concrete to stylish floor was phenomenal.

Perfect for a keen DIYer

Ok, so we didn’t do this ourselves, we left it to a professional because of the size of the space and the fact that we’re hoping this floor lasts! But if you are a keen DIYer, this LVT uses a simple click system for instillation. It just locks together. So it has all the properties that we have said the vinyl flooring has, but on top of this it is very easy to install with no glue in sight. This is what makes it perfect for DIY lovers because it also enables you to save that bit of money that otherwise you would have use to pay a specialist to install your floor.

Finally, another benefit of this installation system is that in the rare case that a plank does get damaged, you only need to replace the damaged plank, you don’t need to replace the whole floor, unlike with other styles of flooring.



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