Fitted over Freestanding

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Storage solutions are something most people will have to contemplate at one point (or more!) in their lives. Whether you have just moved in to your perfect home or you’re looking to make the most of the space you already have, fitted cupboards and wardrobes could be the solution you are looking for.

Why fitted?

Fitted wardrobes or cupboards are perfect for those rooms which have difficult spaces to fill. Where you perhaps have a sloping roof in your new loft conversion which would mean a traditional free standing wardrobe wouldn’t fit, a fitted wardrobe can easily be tailored to fit in the space you have. Getting something made bespoke for your needs means you can maximise the storage space without compromising on style!

It’s not just bedrooms though, you can get fitted hallway cupboards too! Extensions often don’t leave your rooms or hallways perfectly square so making the most of alcoves or different width hallways can mean you can keep your clutter locked away and your home looking stylish. Whether you’re looking at keeping the coats and shoes at bay, or looking for somewhere to  show off all your books, you can make the space work for your needs.


There are so many different options available today that you can opt for something to suit your home. There’s the barely there hidden look, or the make a statement look, there’s even the ‘openwall’ option. Traditional or contemporary, regardless of the look of your wardrobe or cupboard, the interior can be designed to suit your needs perfectly. You might prefer a range of hanging heights or need more  draw space, whatever it is you need, you can ensure you get. Visit  Urban Wardrobes to see what an eclectic range they have on offer.


Of course a big contributing factor to your storage solutions is going to be how your space looks. No one wants their home to feel cluttered or have furniture that feels too big for the room. With fitted wardrobes or cupboards, they are designed to fit your space perfectly and look as though they were always part of the design. Being inbuilt means they blend into your home and can match your décor and style perfectly.

As well as being visually pleasing, fitted wardrobes means you don’t get awkward corners and crevices to try and keep clean. There’s always something that inevitably falls behind the wardrobe that you won’t be able to reach or the gap between the wall and the wardrobe isn’t quite big enough to get the hoover down properly so you end up with dust gathering. Going for a fitted wardrobe means you get that  completely seamless look and feel and it will make your room feel more spacious than a similar sized free standing wardrobe because you don’t have the gaps around the edges to make the wardrobe feel overpowering in the room.


Fitted wardrobes are always going to cost more than the freestanding equivalent but that doesn’t mean they aren’t value for money. If you invest in decent fitted wardrobes or cupboards, they are built to last. The quality of the material being used is going to be better than the DIY versions you buy and they should last a lifetime!

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