Freshening up the Living Room

Having been in our home for just over 2 years now, I’ve started to freshen up the rooms starting with the children’s bedrooms. Next on my list is the living room. Our living room is quite long and so while the children are still quite young we’ve almost split the room into two; a living room and a playroom. This means that we’ve decided to hold off on completely redecorating until we move all the toys out in a few years.

Although we aren’t planning on redecorating the whole room fully, we do fancy a refresh and a bit of a change. All the furniture we have in there came from our two previous homes so it’s all a little bit mismatched and the surrounding décor is all a bit plain.

How to freshen up on a budget

I’ve spotted some beautiful and bright items that are in Groupon’s homeware offers currently that would completely refresh the living room and bring extra light and more importantly colour in to the large room without breaking the bank. These scatter cushions and a nice rug would be perfect for adding  a pop of colour and would instantly draw your eye away from the plain and simple walls.

This cloud shelf would also be such a sweet addition, especially down the playroom end of the room. It’s a little bit fun but cute and useful too. This would also work really well in the bedrooms! Keeping in with the sky theme, I am also totally in love with this Moon light. I’m not sure where I’d put it but I really want to find it a home.

Although we have a nice nest of tables, we still have our original super cheap, DIY side table. Although it’s nestled between the two sofas currently, when we change the sofas, I’d love to get a Side table like this. It’s practical, sturdy but a little bit different too. Something like this could make a huge difference to a room if positioned correctly.

Although a complete transformation seems a little way off at the moment, The small touches that I can add now will have a huge impact on the way I see our space. I’m going to freshen up the paint over the summer holidays and add these little bits to make it a welcoming and homely lounge for us to spend time in.

Do you have any handy tips for refreshing your home without a complete redecoration? I’d love to hear what you’ve done in your home.

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