Getting a Gardener

I would love to say that I am green fingered and my garden looks like something out of the Chelsea Garden Show but sadly, that just isn’t the case. I can barely tell the difference between a weed and a flower at times!

So what can you do if you aren’t naturally green fingered?

You can invest some money into getting a great gardener. There are bound to be some great gardeners in your area but they will offer widely different services and prices will also vary depending on lots of different factors. You can find out which to choose easily online instead of calling them all individually.

What might affect the cost of your gardening service?

Regional differences – central London will be more expensive than rural Hertfordshire

Danger levels – the riskier the task, the more they may charge

Waste removal or chemical application – special licenses are needed so you may be charged more for these services

Gardener experience level – they may work faster and charge more, but more experienced gardeners will provide superior services and are less likely to make mistakes

Professional tools usage – these make for better work but higher prices

So it’s important you know exactly what it is you are after before you contact your gardener. To ensure you are comparing your gardener fairly when it comes to price, you should be asking a range of questions. Tell them the exact service you are looking for and then ask for their experience level, their insurance, the tools they use as well as any licenses and qualifications they have. You can then make an informed decision.

What services are on offer?

Each gardener will vary but you are likely to find most garden services will include: tidying the garden, jet washing patios, sourcing and supplying plants, feature maintenance, mowing, strimming, hedge trimming, border maintenance, turfing, weeding, pruning, vegetable tending and gutter clearing. Other gardeners may offer additional services such as laying decking, paths, installing raised beds.

You should also decide if you are looking for one off or occasional gardening services or a more regular bi-weekly or even weekly service.

Although this is something I would love to do now, the children would just ruin all the hard work that goes into the garden with their bikes and balls. However, it is definitely something I will look into more in the future.

Saving money where you can

The most important thing you can do if you are looking for gardening services is to look around. Make sure you have looked at several different quotes and you are using your gardener for the things that you can’t do or find most challenging.

If you’re able to mow the lawn and trim the hedges but don’t have a clue about the flowers and bushes, just use the gardener to tend the flowerbeds. You can still have a beautiful looking garden but you would have cut down on the price by doing the simple tasks yourself.

You may also look at getting someone to quote you for landscaping services which might seem more expensive initially, however, once the garden is planted and the flowers and bushes have been chosen, you might feel more confident at maintaining the garden yourself.

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  2. Nice article – I’m so excited to sort out my garden once winter is over!!


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