How to always have gorgeous grass!

If you have children and a garden, you might want to consider the idea of looking into fake grass! Yes, you heard me right, fake grass.

Now, while this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we’ve been lucky enough to have some artificial grass in the garden under our playset for the past 4 and a half years and my only regret is that we don’t have it covering the entire lawn. We have even moved our fake grass from one garden to another and it still looks great.

When we bought our artificial grass almost 5 years ago, out garden was really long and for us to cover the entire lawn would have cost us a lot more money than we could afford. Having moved house, our garden is now considerably smaller and our fake grass covers about half of the lawn. Had we purchased the grass especially for this house, we definitely would have ordered enough to cover the entire lawn.

So what are the benefits?

I love how mess free it makes the garden. Even I the winter and after it’s been raining for hours, the children can still go outside and play without coming back caked in mud!

You don’t have to mow the grass! Upkeep is really easy of fake grass and if you get a good quality grass, its colour won’t fade and it will hold its shape throughout the years. To clean it if you have pets or make a mess, you can just use a mild detergent. You might need to brush your lawn occasionally to keep it looking as real as possible.


The installation of the grass is relatively simple (okay, the manual labour is hard work but it’s uncomplicated shall we say!).

The first step is flattening off the ground as best we could before laying a fine aggregate base and using a wacker plate to compact it down. Once the ground is as even as it can be, you should weed the mud patch and put down a weed proof membrane. The membrane should eliminate weeds and stop worms penetrating the drainage holes in the artificial grass, whilst at the same time allowing rain water to drain thoroughly.

Once you have flattened and laid an aggregate base, you are ready to lay the lawn itself befoe sitting back to enjoy your fancy, hassle free garden!

The children really love our fake grass and they can’t wait to take their shoes and socks off on it during the warmer weather. Eventually, I think we will add to our fake grass and do the entire lawn but for now, we are happy with the children being able to play outside on the climbing frame without them getting covered in mud.

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