How to Create a Stress-Free Home Environment

Do you sometimes feel that your home isn’t quite the relaxing and tranquil home that you long for? Most people want to come home from a busy day and relax in a stress-free home. If your home is chaotic, you might not be able to do this and instead you’ll find it exacerbates any stress levels you already have.

Sloane and Sons have created a handy guide to creating a Stress-Free Home with Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese art. The art of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years and links us to our environment. Although usually associated with Buddhism, the practice has been Westernised for many years now.

How does it work?

  • Remove Clutter – Clutter can induce stress and it is suggested that clutter absorbs positive energy. By removing any clutter, you can end up feeling less stressed.
  • Balance your rooms – A central idea of Feng Shui is the five elements: fire, earth, water, metal and wood.  You should aim to balance your room by incorporating each of these elements into your space (colour can be used in a symbolic way – it doesn’t have to be a physical element).
  • Use mirrors – Mirrors are meant to reflect energy so position them to help bring nature into your home.
  • Garden tranquillity – You shouldn’t overlook your garden either. You should focus on creating an area that allows energy to flow – think about the colours you use as well as keeping it tidy!

Create a stress-free zone in your home

If you can’t action all of the above, why not try creating one dedicated space in your home to relax and unwind in? It could be your bedroom, a living room, spare room or office. You just need to ensure this space is clutter free and allows you to relax in the peace and quiet you need. A comfy space to sit or lounge in with some houseplants or flowers can be very relaxing.

For a more detailed guide on how to get the most from Feng Shui, read Sloane and Sons’ full guide here.

For more information on interiors and how to get your perfect home, head on over to Life & Luxe to read more.

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