How to increase garden privacy

You want to have more privacy in your garden, I get it. You want to enjoy your garden space and want your little ones to roam around free without worrying about prying eyes looking at what you are doing (or not doing!). Sometimes you just want to have some privacy, and you should be able to! After all, your back garden is part of your home so here are some ideas of how you can increase your garden privacy.

increase garden privacy

So, today I’m going to share some ways to get more privacy in your back garden. But before we get started, it’s important to understand and work with the sightline – what your neighbours and people passing by can see. Deep In Mummy Matters believes that this is an essential step to understand what parts of your garden are visible to others. Basically, if you can see them, they can see you.

Put up a garden fence

The easiest way to block the view into your garden is to put up a garden fence. You might already have one in place but is it tall enough or strong enough? Speedy Fixings, UK construction tools supplier, recommends having a tall and strong garden fence for both added privacy and security. The team at Speedy Fixings advises installing post shoes on your garden fence posts to add extra stability and support to your garden fence.

Create a private corner

“If you have a favourite garden seat or bench where you like to read and chill, you can simply place a small tree or tall potted plants close to you as this may be enough to deter attention.” mentions this article on Real Homes. Planting trees near the area where you seek privacy the most is a great solution! For a completely private room in your garden, why not transform your garden shed into a luxurious room? This could be the best of both worlds – what do you think?

Use greenery

 There are plenty of ways to use greenery to achieve extra privacy. From creating wildflower hedges to using shrubs to block the outside view and much more. This Glorious Life recommends planting trees strategically. “When planting trees, it’s essential to think about the placement of different sized trees. For instance, tall trees can be planted near your garden fence to help completely block out the view from the road. If you don’t want to plant tall trees in your small garden, you can add a wall of hedges along your garden fence instead.”

How will you increase your garden’s privacy?


  1. We have just put a new garden fence up and it is tall enough to give us and our neighbour more privacy. It is going to be fantastic in the summer x

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