How to Make Your Garden Personal to You

The garden is an important space. It may mean different things to different people, but the garden represents so much. It is also the place that more people are adding memorial benches, making it an even more personal space. But what designs can support this so that your garden soaks up memories?

When we lose a loved one, we need space, emotionally and physically, to come to terms with the loss. An important process as we grieve are the memories that we have, good times and bad. The garden is the ideal space for contemplating, reminiscing, smiling and crying which is why more people are opting for a stylish memorial space to make their garden personal to them.

And it a piece of garden furniture that can fit into any garden design. Why not make your garden even more personal and special to you with these great design ideas?

Low maintenance garden

If you don’t have time to mow, weed and prune then you need something that is in keeping with these ideals.

A low maintenance garden works well with a memorial bench or other sculptural addition because they can be the main object in the space. Cool and classic, this minimal garden design is fantastic as you can incorporate all kinds of ideas. Bland, it certainly isn’t;

  • Oversized planters work really well in this design scheme
  • Stone sculptures sit well in it too, adding detail to lift the garden from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Sumptuous bird baths are also great – there are some fantastic examples, including glass bird baths that are classic and colourful in design

If you want a lush, green lawn but dread the weekly mow of it, opt for AstroTurf or artificial grass instead. It is a great DIY project or there are many landscaping companies who will install it for you, making sure that the drainage is correct.

Plant hardy geraniums and pretty shrubs to complete the look.

Contemporary garden

Similar in design to the above, the contemporary garden is everything that you thought it would be: clean lines, no fuss, meticulously tidy borders using geometric shaping to give it a boost.

If you like order and a clear mind, then this garden design works a treat. And rather than opting for blousy colours and plants, evergreen shrubs are the order of the day here.

But it is a design that can look too tidy and too staid which is why the contemporary feel of ornamental grasses if perfect for this planting scheme.

When it comes to contemplation and relaxation, whether that is on a memorial bench or not, you need your senses to be ‘sung’ to. And that means pleasantly scented plants close by but plants that whisper in the wind. And the gentle rustle of ornamental grasses does just that.

Easy to plant and care for, grasses can come with a small clumping habit or can grow tall and gangly, perfection in so many ways.

Choose other contemporary planting schemes too such as bamboo and topiary trees to give structure to the space. And then sit back, close your eyes and listen to the calming whispers on the wind.

The Cottage Garden

Creating a memory garden is all about creating a space that helps you to remember the person you miss – but in a bright, positive way, and the way that they would like you too.

The cottage garden is relaxed and romantic, reminiscent of a ramble in the English countryside. With colourful blooms on delicate stems nodding in the breeze, every time you look you find a new detail.

The other aspect of this romantic garden is that when you sit on the bench, looking for solace and relaxation, you will be surrounded by nature and all its richness. The meadow planting that is the backdrop of this garden is attractive to all kinds of insects, from the almost invisible scuttling garden spider to the delicate buzzing of the bee.

From the trumpet flowers of the foxglove to the oversized Michaelmas daisies, to hollyhocks and the tall, slender stems of delphinium, include as much variety as you can in this scheme. And around your memorial bench, plant a sweet smelling, rambling English rose…

Memories are to be treasured but the important thing is to make as many as you can whilst you live life. Memorial benches help so many people to come to terms with loss that using one on your own garden can be a delight that gives on giving.

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