How to Revamp a Guest Room On a Budget

The great thing about having a guest room is that you can always welcome friends and family members that come from out of town and provide them with a relaxing, comfy space to spend a few nights. From time to time, a nice revamp of the guest room is more than rejuvenating, as is every house remodelling project. And, it doesn’t have to cost thousands unless, of course, you are after a top-to-bottom makeover.

Here are some simple ideas that you can pull off in a couple of days and change the way your guest room looks and feels dramatically.

The Guest Bedroom

Focus on the bed itself

Some beautiful new bedding, such as a lovely comforter or duvet can create an entirely new look and give the guest bedroom the style you fancy the most. Whether modern, quirky, chic, classic or elegant, the choice is yours. Speaking of the bed in the guest room, another handy idea is to wall-mount the headboard. It will make the bed look sleek and lush, and it doesn’t take long to fix to the wall.

Replace the hardware

Once you get rid of old drawer pulls and handles and replace them with new, decorative ones, you will instantly feel that your inexpensive pieces of furniture just gained more style and personality. Just ensure that the hardware matches the theme of the bedroom. On top of that, why not dress up the dresser too by adding a display to draw the eye away from the cram-full drawers? It could be anything you like, from a fetching vase to a gorgeous lamp.

If you want something even more affordable, houseplants are a superb choice too. They will give the room an even more inviting vibe and remove the toxins from the air at the same time. Just pick plants that are hard to kill!

Use statement pieces

Mirrors are perfect decorative pieces as they reflect light and give the rooms the illusion of space while contributing to the creation of a cosy atmosphere. To add a touch of luxury, choose modern mirrors with a stainless grain or vintage pieces with delicate trim. Now, if you are a Feng Shui lover and don’t want to add a mirror in the bedroom, opt for a statement chandelier instead. The addition of a light fixture that draws the eye upwards will increase the glam factor of the room while making it feel bigger.

More Bedroom Retouch Tips:

  • Lay down a properly-sized area rug to make the guest bedroom look more pulled together. You may follow layering principles and add the mat over the carpet if you like. The only thing to consider is that the rug is large enough so that it can be comfortably tucked under one piece of furniture (at least).
  • Placing a comfy chair, a new book, and a standing lamp somewhere in the guest room will create a snug reading corner that everybody would like to try, at least once!
  • Create a calming space with carefully selected wallpaper. Thanks to stick-on designs, this task is no longer the hassle it used to be.

The Guest Bathroom (En-Suite or Not)

Keep it neutral

Selecting a fairly neutral design via a monochromatic colour scheme will appeal to almost everybody that will stay in that guest room. Such styles add a sense of timeless elegance to the space. Now, if you feel that the room could use some colour, then why not play around with materials, textures, and shapes to add more visual interest to the room? Things like an eye-catching vanity or a chic sink can go a long way.

Pick a Focal Point

Choose where you want to turn all attention. If you have selected the bathtub over a fancy chandelier, good one! In this case, a great idea is to switch your bathtub with a steel one that will look like brand new for many years to come. Steel tubs are regaining ground over their acrylic counterparts and are far more stylish and much sturdier than their cast iron siblings. In fact, the bathtub has transformed from something serving completely practical purposes to a means that can provide a spa-like treatment, which, in our hurried lives, is invaluable.

From trendsetting free standing and double-ended claw-foot tubs to beautiful examples such as these from with rounded edges that come in various sizes and shapes, the sky is the limit indeed – and all that without emptying your pockets. You may also consider tubs with special features that can come handy if you are having children or older relatives over, such as anti-slip coating and bath grips.

Add Subtle Storage

Besides ensuring that the guest bathroom has plenty of storage for the essentials, try to avoid overcrowding it with too many shelves and drawers, especially if the guest bathroom is small. Most of the times, it will create a cramped sensation that is not appealing at all. Also, keep in mind that if you fill every cupboard and shelf with stuff, your guests will probably need to find some room to place their own toiletries. Steer clear from overwhelming knickknacks and accessories, and you will see that the space feels much more pulled together.  

With just a couple of simple tweaks, it is now possible to give your guest room a charming new look that everybody will love. It’s just about having the confidence to get creative with your interior design.



  1. Your house looks amazing compared to mine! I’m just buying a house and want to design my guest room so your blog helps me so much. Thanks For Sharing!! looking forward to seeing what you share!

  2. I do need to redo my guest bedroom and I`ll definitely invest on new bedding. 🙂


  1. Emma Reed says:

    tired to feel a bit more modern ready for spring. For example, maybe you have always wanted to properly do-up the guest bedroom, adding a lovely ensuite and follow a full-colour scheme, and this summer the family from Australia

  2. […] tired to feel a bit more modern ready for spring. For example, maybe you have always wanted to properly do-up the guest bedroom, adding a lovely ensuite and follow a full-colour scheme, and this summer the family from Australia […]

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