Interior Design Tips For Revamping Your Conservatory

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Conservatories are a great addition to a home. They add an extra room that is so different from the rest of the house, so it is important to make the most of your conservatory and make it space your guests can gather and one that you can unwind in at the end of the day. Outlined in this article are our interior design tips that can help you revamp your conservatory and make the most of the unique space.

Modern conservatory

Quality Blinds

Hanging blinds in your conservatory can add character and can make your space feel light and airy. Blinds allow you to let in natural light while maintaining privacy. Faux wood blinds are a good idea for conservatories as they are easy to clean as also 100% waterproof. They can be great for the summer months too as they allow more heat to escape meaning the room is stays cooler. Have a browse of fauxwood blinds from Lifestyle Blinds and find the perfect blinds for your conservatory.

Create A Colour Scheme

Having a chosen colour scheme can be a great way to revamp your conservatory. One consistent colour scheme can create unity for your space and can prevent it from looking too cluttered and disorganised. Once you have chosen your colour scheme you can then buy accessories that compliments the colours and can start building your aesthetic.

Switch Up Your Furniture

Furniture is at the heart of any good conservatory. Comfy furniture is what will make your conservatory cosy and a perfect spot for you to have movie nights or host a party. Having a selection of furniture can be a good idea as it can break-up the space and also give your guests different options. Perhaps opt for a comfy sofa and a couple of complimenting chairs. If you are struggling to decision, here is a handy list of conservatory furniture ideas to make the most of your space.

Add Plants And Flowers

Adding plants and flowers can make any room feel cosy and homely. Conservatories have a reputation of being cold and unwelcoming, so adding a bit of nature is an easy way to spruce up the room and give it a refreshed look. Plants and flowers often do really well in a conservatory due the vast amount of natural light, so make the most of that. They do still require some care but here is a list of low maintenance house plants to help you out. If you are lacking in surface space, you can always buy hanging plant pots and attach them to the walls or ceiling. Not only is it a good way to optimise your space but it looks great too!

Make the most of your conservatory this year and give it a well-deserved revamp. Create a space that you will want to spend time in and one that can act as a social spot when you host. Take the time to work out what aesthetic you want for your conservatory and follow our tips to help ensure your space looks fresh and revitalised.


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