Invictus Fights Time Through Durability

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Everyone is told that nothing is meant to last forever but, when it comes to flooring, luxury vinyl flooring throughout the home can actually last much longer than that theory proposes.

Homeowners are turning to recommendations from interior designers in the quality of luxury brands such as Invictus and it is not hard to understand why it is top of their list.

Cozy dining room in a luxury house with modern design


Luxury vinyl flooring (or LVT) is a radically cost-effective solution with not much difference in pricing between individual sheets or tiles.

When it comes to installing this flooring, it is considerably simple to install yourself – which spares the money on bringing in professional hires. With pieces cut to size and the simple choice of clicking together or gluing down with the use of an adhesive, it is a great project to take by yourself if you feel like saving some extra pounds on your budget.

Due to Invictus’ durable design and manufacture, you can save on replacement tiles or planks as they rarely need fixing and can be pulled out individually in the event of any incident when needed.


Due to the hard wear and water-resistant safeguards in place, vinyl flooring is ideal for all rooms of the house – especially those where water is at high risk such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Scratches are also not a concern due to the anti-scratch layer, meaning that your shift around for change won’t leave any marks on your impressive floor. With cushioning it is safe from any dropping items such as glass or plates also, as manufacturing over the years has provided vinyl with a bounce off effect to reduce the risk of smashes and chippings to your crockery and glasses.

Quick Clean

Stains are usually a regular fear for houses with carpets or real hardwood flooring where discolouration can be inflicted no matter how many treatments are applied.

With Invictus, you are protected with an easy clean product where simple soapy water mixed with vinegar and a sponge, a quick mop over or the use of a baby wipe leaves no trace of the food, juice, wine or mud that would leave a lasting stain on regular flooring.

Vinyl is incredibly easy to maintain and is the ideal flooring for families with children and pets. Whether it be trampling in mud from the garden to dropping ice cream, luxury vinyl has more than your floor covered.


If you prefer the look of light or dark woods, Invictus flooring provides many different shades and shapes. If you are more a stone or glossy feel person then it can be achieved also whilst not paying a fortune for the real thing. Invictus is indistinguishable from the real thing and looks and feels professional no matter what room you are placing it into.

When it comes to choosing a long-time solution for your home design, luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring, is something that stays in shape and fashion for decades.


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