Is there still a need for solid wood flooring?

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The simple answer to this is yes! Although there are many different options available to you now in terms of the look, there is still a large market for solid wood flooring and here’s why.

Why should I opt for solid wood?

Firstly and probably most importantly, if you buy a solid wood floor, it can last you a lifetime. It’s an investment into your home. My parents laid their solid wood floor over 25 years ago and with a few treatments over the years, it still looks and feels fantastic. It seems to have a timeless beauty to it. I always thought of wooden floors as being quite draughty until my parents had theirs fitted. I thought they would feel very cold however, the natural colour and solid feel of the floor, helps to add warmth to the look of their home.

Easy Clean

Keeping your solid wood floor clean and looking great is easy. If you have children or pets, mess and spills are cleaned up much easier than if you had a carpet! It is incredibly hygienic meaning you can clean up in a flash and not have to worry about the germs – we all know the nasties that can be brought into a home by accident! As well as being easy to keep clean and fresh, being able to refinish your solid wood floor has to be a major plus. Although you wouldn’t need to do this often, being able to sand back the floor and re-varnish or change the colour is such a benefit to this type of flooring. Because the wood is a solid plank rather than a thin layer on top, you are able to do much more to the floor over the years.


As well as being long-lasting and versatile, it can even add value to your property. The look of a solid wood floor exudes luxury and elegance and can make a real statement in your home. The wide range of colours and wood types available will ensure that you can find a floor to suit your style. From parquet to more contemporary thicker planks, you can find solid wood floors in a design and colour to suit you.



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