Keep it cosy: Autumn essentials for your child’s room

As the weather cools down and the knitwear comes out, a lot of us will soon be finding ourselves spending more time indoors. There’s nothing better than coming home after a chilly Autumn day and curling up on the sofa with a cosy blanket. That’s why September is the perfect time to start making some quick tweaks to the home to get each room Autumn ready. If your child’s room is one space in particular that could use a bit of an update, check out these tips on ways to give their room an Autumnal feel.

Thick curtains

Autumn means darker, chillier nights, so make sure your child’s room is well equipped to stay cosy throughout the colder months. While you might have removed curtains altogether in the summer, decorating windows with some curtains in a thicker material is a great way to keep the heat in and minimise the chance of any draughts seeping through.

Cosy bedding

 Adding some extra warm and cosy bedding into the mix is another way to give your child’s room a Autumn-ready feel. Keep the cotton sheets as these are always better at allowing your child’s skin to breathe, whatever the weather. If your child’s current bed could use an update, go for styles like a white mid sleeper cabin bed which is neutral enough to look amazing with whatever seasonal coloured bedding you choose. For an extra special touch, why not use bed sets made from soft fleece material, or in materials like linen. Make sure to finish off the look with some soft cushions and a big fluffy blanket that they can grab on those extra chilly nights!

A fluffy rug

Nobody wants to step out of bed onto a cold floor on a dark October morning. Get your child’s bedroom floor Autumn ready with a soft and fluffy bedside rug. Go for colours in deep Autumnal shades like plum, dark green or burnt orange which also have less likelihood of staining in the case of any accidental mishaps.

Get crafty

Give your child’s room a fun finishing touch by adding some seasonal artwork. Spend time with your little one creating some Autumn themed arts and crafts such as hanging leaf bunting or tree collages. Halloween is another time that gives plenty of opportunity for crafts, such as carving cool pumpkins to place around the room. Dedicating some time to getting creative is not only a perfect way to decorate a room with imaginative artwork, but it also gives you and your child a fun activity to get involved with together.

Do you have any ideas on getting your little one’s bedroom ready for the new season?

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